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Critter Caretakers Pet Sitters is a family-run pet sitting business owned by Tony & Liza Bacon. Our services include pet sitting, house sitting, poop scooping, party supervision and yard sanitizing. We cover the whole of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, AZ. That is, Phoenix itself plus both the East Valley and the West Valley.

Before you continue your search for your next pet service provider, please take a few minutes to consider what you expectations are. What are your priorities? Are you looking for an individual or a business? Young or mature? Is a full money back guarantee important to you? What percentage of the fee are you happy to lose if you have to cancel? What percentage of the fee are you happy to pay in addition if your request is last minute through no fault of your own?

This process is exactly what Liza & Tony went through for their business. Having had bad experiences personally with boarding facilities, and hearing the many instances of neglect and poor professional standards from other pet sitters, they drew up a list of the highest standards they could deliver, that they could be proud of, and made this list the minimum standards that they would offer their clients.

We have even produced a 29 page booklet for you to download to help you in this process, which is a booklet only the best company would produce for you for free.

Make sure you fully understand what it is you are paying for, understand that saving a few dollars paying for a teenager or a hobbyist may save some cents upfront but cost you a lot more than that should something go wrong, and also consider what level of service do you need for total peace of mind which is, when all is said and done, what all of our clients are looking for.

We have two tag-lines cos we can’t decide which one to use… “When Only The Best Is Good Enough” and “If Your Pet’s Could Choose, They Would Choose Us”!

Welcome to Critter Caretakers Pet Services LLC, the number one Pet Sitting Service with the best team of pet service providers in Arizona.

Winners of 9 Awards In 7 Years

‘Best of Mesa’ Pet Services 2014
‘Best of Mesa’ Pet Services 2015
‘Best of Mesa’ Pet Services 2016
‘Best of Mesa’ Pet Services 2017
‘Best of Mesa’ Pet Services 2018
‘Best of Mesa’ Pet Services 2019
‘Best of Mesa’ Pet Services 2020

Awards For Pet Services
Awards For Home Services

‘Best of Mesa’ Home Services 2019
‘Best of Mesa’ Home Services 2020

Our Minimum Standards

Client Care

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee for Complete Peace of Mind

If you’re not happy for any reason Critter Caretakers will refund the cost of that visit. As simple as that. In some cases, although the client was ultimately happy, if the service didn’t run as smoothly as it could have done, we may decide to refund the fee just because the visit wasn’t completed to the high standards we strive for.

Often, the reason for this is out of our control such as an emergency at a previous visit or unavoidable traffic in the area.

This refund will be by way of credit on file for future bookings.

A Fair Pricing Structure with No Fines For Cancelations And No 'Last Minute Request' Fees

This is a big one!

Most if not all pet sitting businesses will happily fine you for cancelations, often something like 50% for up to two week before the start, and 100% if you cancel within a week of the start.

They will also charge you additional fees if you have a last minute request.

Critter Caretakers does not do this. We Never Fine Our Clients Or Charge Extra Fees For Last Minute Requests.

If you have to cancel, it is probably not your fault and you’re probably losing money somewhere else already (airlines, hotels etc). You are probably disappointed you are no longer going away. The last thing you need is for your pet sitter to be rewarded financially for your loss and disappointment.

Similarly if you need a last minute schedule it is likely due to an emergency, or an important business meeting you have to get to, we believe it would be wrong for your us to profit from this in any way.

You can now relax. you have found a pet service who will not profit from you situation. Critter Caretakers will only charge you for the services they complete to a standard you are happy with (don’t forget about our Satisfaction Guarantee).

If you have paid for services you no longer require for whatever reason they will be held on file and used towards your next booking.

Always, always, always check the cancellation and booking policy for anything outside the norm! Some pet sitting businesses make many hundreds of dollars every month for services they do not complete. That doesn’t feel right to us, does it feel right to you?

Ongoing Awards, Testimonials, Positive Comments & Five-Star Reviews

Since 2014, Critter Caretakers has been awarded the prestigious Best Of Mesa Award year on year. Although we now cover the whole of the Metropolitan Phoenix area, Critter Caretakers started out in 2010 in Mesa and we have a particularly strong client base there. During this time we have won the Best Of Mesa Pet Services Award every year, and in 2019 and in 2020 we were also nominated for and won the Best Of Mesa Home Services Awards. This makes a total of 9 awards in 7 years, and counting!

Considering large businesses such as multi-million dollar kennels and retail stores like PetSmart are also nominated, the awards mean so much to Critter Caretakers as it is your community who have spoken!

We get 5-star reviews on many social media platforms and on our website, and on this testimonial page I also post comments the clients leave for our sitters on a daily basis.

Meet with & deal directly with the business owners, who answer their phone 24/7, who we know we can trust with our pets & our home

Critter Caretakers is a family run business, owned by husband and wife Tony and Liza Bacon. Liza is responsible for talking to new and existing clients, and scheduling. Liza answers the business phone 24/7/365. This is for new inquires which highlights we are serious and want your business. It is also for existing clients, who may have a concern keeping them up at night, or they may be an international business traveller or on vacation in a different time zone.

Why wait to get peace of mind when you can get the business owner straight away? Tony is responsible for marketing and building our network of contacts. Liza always answers the main business number 480.553.0105. Tony is available on 480.925.8617 during business hours.

Liza served for the Metropolitan Police for 28 years, Tony served 16 years. You can trust them and the carefully selected team members they chose to represent their business in your house and with your pets.

Not only do you have unlimited access to Liza on the phone, you will also get a visit from Tony before your first schedule. This way you can put a face to the name, the person is ultimately responsible for your pets and your home, and get to speak to him about any issues or concerns you may have prior to meeting your Primary Sitter. Remember, although it may not be Tony or Liza who complete your visits, you are and will remain a Critter Caretaker Client so you know all inquiries can come to us and we will do everything we can to ensure fulfill your request for your peace of mind.

Have The Same Primary Sitter For Consistency But Also Have A Back Up Sitters In Case Of Delay / Emergency / Last Minute Requests

Based on your time speaking with Liza and your Initial Meeting with Tony, Critter Caretakers then select the best member of the team for you based on a number of factors. This Caretaker will become your Primary Sitter who is initially assigned whenever possible for all of your requests. You then meet this sitter at your home during your Free Meet & Greet which allows you to meet them, and for them to meet you and your crew. You then report back to Liza or Tony to confirm if you are happy for them to be your go to Caretaker. There is no financial commitment to you until you have had this Meet & Greet and you are happy with your new sitter.

Whilst we always turn to the Primary Sitter first for new schedules, there will be times when they are not available, whether this is for time off, sickness, some kind of emergency etc. Although this is rare, especially if you book early, it does happen. Not to worry, Critter Caretakers will assign a secondary sitter to you. If time permits, you will get a Free Meet & Greet with them too and this secondary will always be in reserve, ready, willing and able to jump in for some or all of your schedule which your Primary cannot complete.

If for some unlikely reason neither your Primary and Secondary sitters are available, we could either send a third round to you or Tony will cover the visit, having already met you and your extended family. Whichever path we chose, know we have the resilience to cover any schedules you send to us, even at short notice. This is not the case with many other pet sitters and is one of the main advantages that Critter Caretakers offers you for your complete peace of mind.

All Pet Sitters are Fully Insured, Bonded And Background Checked

All of our sitters are fully insured, bonded and background checked. They are animal-lovers, go above and beyond for each of our clients, and are genuinely nice people!

State Of The Art Software including A Cell Phone App, Making it Easy to Book and Pay For Schedules Online

The best Pet Sitting Software on the market is Time to Pet. This is the software we have. It can be used on your computer, laptop or tablet, plus it has a fantastic app for you to use on your cell. You can book and pay for schedules, send massages to your sitters, and private messages to Tony and Liza. You also get a full report with updates and photos at the end of every visit. We also have GPS technology to pinpoint where and when your sitters book on and off from your visit.

We’ll talk you through your first booking, then you are free to schedule online through Time to Pet, on your computer or cell, whenever you need. You can pay using all major credit and debit cards, including American Express, Discovery and Gift Cards, quickly and easily. You can also add a tip on for your sitter at this stage if you choose.

But if this technology isn’t for you just give Liza a call. She will set your schedule and you can just send us a check in the mail!

Cover A Large Service Area

The great thing about having a large service area is even when a client moves, we may still be able to offer them our high quality service through other sitters on the team. We cover the whole Phoenix Metropolitan area. That basically covers from Surprise in the West, through Phoenix and over to Apache Junction to the East. We go as far north as Deer Valley, Paradise Valley and Peoria, and down south to Queen Creek and, soon, San Tan Valley.

All towns and cities within this area can be covered so even if I haven’t listed your location off, give us a call – it is likely that we can help you!

It also means that if any of your friends or family live in this wide area, you can refer them to us!

A Great Web Presence With Active Blog & Social Media Channels

You can follow us on Facebook (day-to-day posts about the business), Instagram (great photos of our pet clients who have joined the Critter Caretaker family), Twitter (views and opinions about all things pets), LinkedIn (professional business relationships), YouTube (videos created for use on our website such as Pet Sitter Profiles and FAQs) and our blogs (interesting and informative articles on pets and pet services). We are also on Yelp with many 5-star reviews, and Google My Business (where, yes, you’ll find many more 5-star reviews!).

Make sure you follow us on any channel you are on as we often post Special Offers unique to specific social media platforms – make sure you don’t miss out!

This company is amazing!!! We were taking a last minute trip and had to scramble for a dog sitter for our 2 puppies. Spoke with Liza, the owner, who was extremely helpful and put me at ease that the dogs would be taken care of. Betty came to the house and watched our puppies, she was incredible! Sent me pictures and updates all along the way, she really loved being with the dogs. On our road trip back we got a flat tire and ended up getting back several hours after we were expected. Called Betty and she came back to the house to let the dogs out, no questions asked. Liza even called to check in and make sure we made it back home safely. Amazing company, amazing people! Thank you so much for everything!!!!
Aleisha Yanagawa
Aleisha Yanagawa
19:22 13 Jan 21
Amazing company! Our pet sitter, Bonnie, would sent us updates and photos each visit, which was lovely. She followed our instructions and would play with our kitties each visit which was great because they have tons of energy. We could tell our cats were very happy and playful with her. We thank you very much and we really appreciate it!
Makayla Iden
Makayla Iden
02:55 07 Jan 21
Bonnie was wonderful with my 3 cats and little dog. One cat and the dog have serious medical conditions which require special food and medications 2x a day. I was stressing before my trip about that, as well as the feeding logistics. Critter Caretakers made sure they sent someone who is well experienced with all aspects of their needs. Communication was excellent before, during and after my travel. Very happy with the owners of this company and their service.
Paula Weirather
Paula Weirather
17:45 04 Dec 20
Nayeli Lee
Nayeli Lee
23:38 01 Dec 20
Critter Care takers are wonderful pet sitters! They are carrying towards my 3 fur babies, professional and very informative on visit follow up reports. I would strongly recommend them. Kathy is great! She’s watched ours the last two times and always does an awesome job. 😊
Kris Heidecke
Kris Heidecke
02:04 01 Dec 20
Outstanding experience with my very shy petite housemate, Tiny Cat. She actually came out for the sitter at about day 4 which was a very big deal. Everyday following I got a fantastic round of photos of her playing and ambling about which is all I need for peace of mind. Thank you so much.
Melissa Galt
Melissa Galt
23:55 25 Oct 20
Amazing pet service! I was able to share extensive information about our special needs pets and the no cost meet & greet made us and our pets comfortable with the level of care they would be getting. We spoke with both owners and two pet sitters (Sam & Kathy) and everyone was professional and genuinely concerned about our pets and home care while we were away. We will definitely use Critter Caretakers Pet Service for our next trip!
Tina Wixom
Tina Wixom
16:15 19 Oct 20
These guys are amazing. For a family who treats our dogs like they are our children, this service was perfect.
Blake Rawlings
Blake Rawlings
01:03 14 Oct 20
Critter Caretakers has been a lifesaving service for me. My cat who has kidney disease became sick just before I was about to leave for vacation. I was preparing to cancel my trip to stay home and care for her when I found Critter Caretakers. I learned that they would be able to administer the fluids my cat needed to stay well while I was away. Liza was able to get me set up last-minute as a special case so I would not have to delay my flight. It was obvious that she and the 2 caregivers she assigned to me, Bonnie and Betty, care so much for animals. They listened to my needs, were flexible, and were just as attentive to my animals as I hoped they would be. I received a daily report with pictures of my cats while I was on vacation which really put my mind at ease. A few weeks later I needed help again and have already used the service again, this time receiving assistance from Dale. Dale was also extremely professional, attentive, and caring toward my cats. I will definitely be using this wonderful service again and again, and will continue recommending them to friends!
Alyssa S
Alyssa S
03:37 12 Oct 20
I loved the service I received with Critter Caretakers Pet Service. I had a family emergency that required me to be out of town for a month. Tony, the owner took care of my two cats just like they were his own. They provided me with daily updates and pictures of my two babies. He made me feel wonderful that they were in great hands while I was gone. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you so very much Tony and Liza, you were both there for my boys in my time of need, I cant thank you enough!
Jennifer Dutcher
Jennifer Dutcher
23:41 30 Sep 20
Tony looked after my two cats for several days in a row. He spent all of the 45 minutes of a regular appointment cleaning up after the cats, feeding them and generally taking excellent care of my babies. He didn't short the time he was paid for in any way. I am grateful for his extraordinary care of my cats and would recommend Critter Caretakers for anyone needing pet care!
PJ Miller
PJ Miller
18:54 21 Aug 20
I was sent pictures everyday with a summary of the visit. My dogs looked so happy with every picture. I felt very comfortable with Randi and will definitely use their service again.
michele burrell
michele burrell
04:00 12 Aug 20
Tony & Liza are wonderful! They treated our girl like their own, kept us posted on how she was doing and gave us the peace of mind in knowing that she was being well cared for. I highly recommend them and will certainly use their services in the future.
Carol Murray
Carol Murray
03:07 31 Jul 20
Tony and Liza are the best providers anyone can ask for. They are always reliable, and arrive when they say they will. My dogs are so much happier when I get home after a days visit with Critter Caretakers Pet Service. Tony and Liza are the most honest and helpful down to earth people...the only ones who I truly trust with my dogs.
tasha rube
tasha rube
02:46 30 Jul 20
I highly recommend Critter Caretakers!!One year after a horrible experience with another local pet sitter, I finally worked up the courage to call Critter Caretakers regarding my possible need for pet sitting services. I immediately felt comforted by Liza, who made it very clear to me that she is genuinely an animal lover. This is not just a means of income for her. In the end, she and Tony have restored my faith in pet sitters.After a few meet and greets with Liza and Tony (not just one, because I was not yet over the last experience) we scheduled them to care for our 2 pups for a week. When we left for vacation, I was okay on the outside, but on the inside, I was a mess for at least the first couple of days. Well, I got over that!!! The amount of care and attention that our pups (and our home) received was wonderful! Tony and Liza sent us updates and photos numerous times each day, and were always quick to respond when we reached out to them. They carried out the visit schedule that we agreed to in advance and never skimped on the amount of time they spent with our pups.Please do not trust your pets with just anyone. Trust your pets with Critter Caretakers.
Stacey Cosgrove
Stacey Cosgrove
20:19 08 Jan 20
Critter Caretakers is a great company and Tony and Liza are the best. It makes going on vacation or traveling for any reason much more enjoyable knowing that your pets are safe and well cared for. Tony and Liza did a fantastic job at our house with our two weird cats and I love that we get a daily report with photos and everything. We will be using them every time we travel!
16:04 19 Dec 19
I would highly recommend Critter Caretakers! Tony was just great! He not only took care of Gracie, but he played & snuggled with her. We got daily updates & pictures. Would definitely use their service again.👍🏻
Linda Taormina
Linda Taormina
19:42 06 Dec 19
I can't say enough about these guys!! They are the BEST!!! We had them check on our cat while we were away for the summer. They came in daily and and took the time making sure our cat had plenty of attention and love. They truly love their job and it shows. I'm so happy that I found them and will be using them again and again.
George england
George england
04:19 17 Nov 19
Absolutely the best pt sitting service.. Nicole and Dale are great and our kitty babies love them. Going away is stressful when you have pets that you love...but knowing they are in great hands and with people who care and are animal lovers takes that stress away. You get daily pictures and updates which is really nice..From Vanessa and I... Thank you Critter Caretakers and thank you Nicole and Dale who have taken care of our fur babies. You are the BEST
Gerard Zimmermann
Gerard Zimmermann
11:59 09 Mar 19
I can't say enough on how happy I am with Critter Caretakers and the love they gave my beloved cat Ellie while we were away. I received daily updates, photos and even a video here and there. I felt very comfortable with staff and loved how quickly they returned my initial emails researching their care programs. We will use them again and again and again. Thank you!!!
Tina Rotier
Tina Rotier
21:43 05 Jul 18
We had very good experiences with this company. Dawn is timely and thorough in her responses. Kathy was the main person who took care of our dog and did a great job! We knew she was very well taken care of while we were gone. Thank you!
23:15 02 Jul 18
I adore Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting! As a nurse who works 13 hour days, I had difficulty making sure that my pets were secure and happy while I was out of the house. Yvonne my daily pet sitter was amazing! I was a client for over 2 years with them, and they took great care of my fur babies. I always received a text telling me how the dogs' days went, and who wanted the most attention that day. My dogs ranged from senior citizen dogs on hospice to a young Pitt Bull. Always gracious and kind, the crew for Critter Caretakers truly cared for my animals like they were family. They kept my home secure and even when the animals had accidents they cleaned up the problem and made sure the dogs were happy and clean when they left. I would not hesitate to use them for all and any pet sitting needs!
Angela Smith
Angela Smith
00:25 26 May 18
paco Ruiz
paco Ruiz
08:26 10 Dec 17
kevin ferrera
kevin ferrera
18:15 01 Sep 17
Dawn & Nikki are fantastic. My wife and i spent a week in Jamaica in March and they took care of our 2 dogs the entire time. They both went above and beyond by checking the mail & wrote a detailed diary everyday we were gone. Dont waste your time calling anyone else!
Rick Olson
Rick Olson
17:01 17 Jul 17
Randi took excellent care of our kitties. We received texts with pictures and updates every day. Our babies got everything they needed and lots of love. We will definitely be using Critter Caretakers again!
Laura Sedberry
Laura Sedberry
03:22 13 Jan 17
I have used Critter Caretakers twice since moving to the area last March and just requested Melissa our caretaker again for next week. Melissa is fantastic and Dawn is always very friendly and helpful. Our cats love Melissa and I know they are in good hands from all the pictures and messages she sends every day! Such a relief to know that they are in their own home with a caring person and someone to watch over them and our home! Thank you so much Melissa and Critter Caretakers!
Suzanne Charles
Suzanne Charles
03:57 10 Jun 16
Wonderful company, wonderful staff! I always recommend them!
Sabrina Harwell
Sabrina Harwell
21:16 01 Mar 16
Our pet sitter Ashley did an outstanding job! The daily updates and photos she sent let us know that our three pups were being well taken care of. I would definitely recommend Dawn's to anyone looking for trustworthy, responsible and kind people to look after their pets and homes while they are gone.
Julie Gunderson
Julie Gunderson
20:47 18 Jan 16
We recently had the opportunity to contract with Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting to watch our sweet kitty for an extended period of time. During my first conversation with Dawn, I knew that this business was different from all of the others others and truly professional and caring. We were gone for about 3 weeks and needed to know that our sweet pet and home would be in good hands. We had two wonderful sitters who alternated in our pet's care. They were professional, caring, kind and loving toward our girl. They kept in touch with us daily and when a concern came up, got our permission and took our girl to the vet to get her treatment. We talked with our kitty one evening which was fun for us and for her and very reassuring! It was so good to hear her meows of happiness. We would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone needing reliable and loving pet and home care. We had no worries about our home and full trust in their watchful eyes over our kitty and our home. We were able to enjoy our trip knowing that caring professionals were taking care of the home front. We also had detailed notes of each visit and daily text photos and messages which were so helpful and reassuring. They brought in our mail, took care of our trash and recycling, and ensured that our lights were turned on and off. Feel free to call Dawn for our number if you have any questions or would like our personal recommendation for your pet. We were brand new to this area and so grateful to have found Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting. We believe that they are the best!
Janet Faubion
Janet Faubion
17:47 16 Nov 15
Dawn, Melissa and Nicole have been wonderful to deal with and have taken such good care of my two cats! I love the way they text me everyday with a photo of my cats to let me know how they are doing. They also write notes for each day describing exactly what they did on their daily visits! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who wants their fur kids taken good care of while they are gone!
Kim Cox
Kim Cox
05:12 21 Oct 15
I have used Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting services several times to look after my pug, cat, and two pet rats while I have been away. I have been absolutely amazed at the outstanding care that all of my pets have received every time. Dawn, the owner, and Melissa, our pet caretaker, are both very friendly, professional, and have a love for animals that is evident in their superior service. It is wonderful to travel and to know that all of my animals are staying in the comfort of their home, and being taken care of by a team that is compassionate about animals. Each time I'm away, I get text messages and photos of my animals to let me know how they are doing, which is a great treat. Also, Melissa writes detailed notes about each visit, which are left for me when I return home, so I am informed about what happened while I was away. If you need professional, high quality, compassionate, worry-free pet sitting services, I highly recommend CCPS!
Stephanie Carver
Stephanie Carver
00:15 28 Jan 14
We have been using Dawn and Melissa for almost a year now and have always found them to be excellent at looking after our pack. We use them for regular weekly sitting and as well for in-home stays when we travel. We know we can trust that they are in great hands and I know our pack loves them too! Cant say enough good things!
Paul Tolaini
Paul Tolaini
22:57 12 Nov 13
I was pleased with the services I received from Dawn of Critter Caretakers. The proof is in the pudding: 1) My kitty-cat was totally relaxed and content when I got home from my two-week vacation, 2) I am calling her again to take care of my cat while I'm out of town. I liked how Dawn left daily dairies of her interactions and observations of my cat. Yes, I would recommend Critter Caretakers to anyone without hesitation.
Tracey Taylor
Tracey Taylor
13:12 17 Oct 13
I've been using Dawn at Critter Caretakers for about a year. She is very professional and very caring. She came to my house to meet my labs and they both really liked her. She wrote down notes I gave her and didn't need to go over any details with her again. She is always in communication with me whether it's email or her sending me a text when she is visiting with the dogs. She doesn't even mind having to towel off the dogs when they go in the pool during her visits!She is also very cautious and makes sure doors are locked and things are left in the same manner and always has en eye out for her clients.Her detailed notes after visits are very helpful and you can tell how much fun she has with the animals and how much she cares about them. I've had her over for daily visits as well as stay overnight. I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking for quality service!
Kelly Webb
Kelly Webb
16:44 13 Sep 13
We have used Critter Caretakers since we moved to Arizona and can not be happier. Dawn is trustworthy, reliable, friendly and loves animals. We always know our pets will be taken looked after with the utmost care and love. We highly recommend her for anyone who wants the best for their pets.
Judith Bowman
Judith Bowman
14:52 07 Aug 13
Chris Hallgren
Chris Hallgren
17:01 05 Aug 13
I can't begin to express how happy I am with Critter Caretakers! Dawn and Christine took the time to come over and meet my cats and thoroughly explain their policies before I left on vacation. My cats can be very finicky about strangers, especially my Maine Coon. I've had cat sitters who said they never saw him the entire time they came in and only knew he was eating because his food always disappeared. But he and my other cat came right out to meet Dawn and Christine and made friends with them from the start. I was gone 11days and Christine and Dawn took turns sending me daily emails with pictures of my kitties. Such contact is tremendously reassuring when you are away from the pets you love. In addition to simply feeding and cleaning litter boxes, they took time to play with my kitties and also left detailed daily notes summarizing each of their visits. I think Clio (my tabby) has spent the morning today looking for Dawn and wondering why she hasn't come to play. (Apparently my "play" attempts don't measure up. LOL!)Thank you, Critter Caretakers! You are my "go to" pet sitters from here on out.
Joyce DiPastena
Joyce DiPastena
19:57 03 Aug 13
This was our first time using Dawn with Critter Caretakers and boy were we impressed! We have 4 cats & 3 dogs plus a stray that we feed, she took such good care of all of them. From the first meeting I could see she was very professional and really loved her job. She sent us text & pictures daily plus left a nicely detailed diary of their daily antics too! I really feel lucky to have found Dawn as I have used a few other companies in the past and none can stand up to her expertise! It's such a good feeling to be able to go on a vacation knowing I don't have to worry about our fur kids. I will be using her for all our travels in the future. Thanks Dawn you are #1 in my book!
Linda Mayer
Linda Mayer
13:33 02 Aug 13
My husband and I have always left our pets with family members because we don't trust just anyone to the care of our pets. When my mother passed away, all of our family members including ourselves had to travel out of state. We chose to use Dawn and we could not have been happier. She sent text messages and adorable pictures of our pets to let us know that they were o.k. Upon our return home we found 4 (yes I said 4) schnauzers that were happy, with no stress, and no destruction to our house. I would highly recommend Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting for your pet sitting needs. You can travel feeling relieved that your pets are in good hands. Thanks Dawn.
Melissa Linner
Melissa Linner
02:35 02 Aug 13
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Tony & Liza

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From Essex, England I completed almost 30 years as a Police Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police. My last role was concerned with the protection of vulnerable young and elderly citizens in my precinct. Animal crazy, I have been involved in animal rescue all my life, with Rottweilers being my passion. We have two rescue dogs; a Rottie called Bear and a Pit-Bull / Rottie cross called Bobbi.

pet sitting liza and hope
pet sitting tony and bear rottie


I was born and raise in London England. In the past I have worked as a Fitness Instructor, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I served almost 20 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer, with most of my service on the Youth Engagement Team. I worked with young people in London caught up in knife crime for my last 8 years. I have a beautiful daughter called Rae, and Rae has two dogs; a Pug called Missy and an Australian Shepherd called River.

































Tony and Liza have over 45 years

combined experience with the Metropolitan Police Service in London

 You can trust them and their carefully selected team members in your home & with your pets

 “Integrity is non-negotiable”


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Clients love the pet services we provide. Time To Pet helps them love the experience of booking visits too. Clients can update their info, request services and make payments directly from the Client App or the Client Portal. They also get real-time updates, pictures and visit report cards after each event, for total peace of mind. When only the best is good enough.

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Why You Can Trust

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For Your Peace of Mind All Of Our Pet Sitters Are Subject to the Following:

A Rigorous Recruitment Process

Although we have an ongoing recruitment process, we do not add pet sitters to our team lightly. They have to be animal lovers, experienced in a professional animal-related job for a number of years, have an amazing can-do attitude and also be genuinely nice, caring people.

Having recruited a number of pet sitters to the team, experience shows that we need to sift at least 75 resumes to find a candidate to be sent a detailed questionnaire, only a few of these make it to the telephone interview. Then only about one in five are selected for a face-to-face final interview. Liza and Tony then decide if that candidate has all the values, traits and behaviors that we insist will run throughout our team.

Be wary of businesses who do not have such a long process for recruiting providers of pet services. Our standards are high as we know you want to trust us to put trustworthy pet services providers in to your home to look after your pets whilst you are away. We take that responsibility very seriously and we are proud that we have an exceptional team of sitters who carry our award winning reputation on their shoulders in every home they go in to, and every pet they care for.

“When Only the Best is Good Enough”


We carry out a National Criminal Background Check and Sex Offender Check showing felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and more at the state and county level. We also obtain results from OFAC, OIG, and terrorist watch-lists.

We use SentryLink to process these checks who, since 2001, have been leaders in provided background checks and employment screening for companies and consumers around the country.

Must Hold a Current Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Includes commercial general liability coverage:

  • $1,000,000 per occurrence, up to $2,000,000 annually for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, products, and completed operations
  • $100,000 annually for damage to premises rented to you
  • $15,000 per occurrence, up to $30,000 annually for pets lost, stolen, injured, or killed in your care
  • $1,000 per occurrence, up to $5,000 annually for vet expenses regardless of negligence
  • $2,000 annually for lost keys and re-keying of customers homes 
  • $5,000 annually for medical expenses

Critter Caretakers use Pet Sitters Associates who offer membership benefits that include pet business insurance administered by RPS Eau Claire and underwritten by an AM Best rated: A (Excellent) Insurance Company.

Always make sure the providers of your pet services don’t just claim they have insurance in place; always check it is up to date and covers the pet services provider who actually provides the pet services in your home (ie it doesn’t just cover the owner). Many businesses claim to have insurance, but in fact they do not or it is out of date, and you will not be covered for any of the above should an incident occur.

Of course, when using young people and hobbyists to save a few dollars, they will not be covered as only professional businesses pay for this coverage to give their clients peace of mind.

Must hold Insurance inc theft & breakage (Bonding)

Of course, ideally the providers of pet services always perform ethically and with non-negotiable integrity. However, there may be one who breaks company trust, acts unethically and steals from one of our clients.

Each provider of pet services pays for their own Employee Theft Bond as a condition of their contract with us. Should we put a provider of pet services in your home and they go on to steal from you, Critter Caretakers can claim against this bond to instantly replace the item(s).

Prospects and clients feel more comfortable using our pet services as this bond legally guarantees to protect their money and property for every provider of pet services they use, every time.

Critter Caretakers use Pet Sitters Associates who offer membership benefits that include pet business insurance administered by RPS Eau Claire and underwritten by an AM Best rated: A (Excellent) Insurance Company.

This coverage provides $10,000 per occurrence or $25,000 of insurance coverage annually for the theft, breakage, and mysterious disappearance of the personal property of the pet owner while under the care of the owners and the independent contractors. This does not include the loss of the pet itself as that is already covered in the General Liability Insurance. This additional coverage covers for loss, damage, or theft of the owner’s personal property.

Always make sure the providers of your pet services don’t just claim they have bonding in place; always check it is up to date and covers the pet services provider who actually provides the pet services in your home (ie it doesn’t just cover the owner). Many businesses claim to have bonding, but in fact they do not or it is out of date, and you will not be covered for any of the above should an incident occur.

Of course, using young people and hobbyists, they will never be covered as only professional business pay for this coverage to give their clients peace of mind.

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Call us today on 480.553.0105 to find out why we are the leading pet services and home services provider in AZ

Call us today on 480.553.0105 to find out why we are the leading pet services and home services provider in AZ

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