Yard Sanitizing For Pets In Arrowhead

Yard Sanitizing For Pets In Arrowhead
A LifeSaver In Animal Care

Yard sanitizing for pets. Whether you just want reassurance that your back yard is perfectly clean for yourself and your children,
or when healthy, happy animals are your top priority, WYSIWASH is there to help.

Trusted by animal care professionals across the US, the EPA approved Wysiwash Sanitizing System
kills viruses and bacteria, deodorizes, and neutralizes mold all in one step.

Whether you’re an animal shelter, boarding kennel, breeder, doggy day care,
or an animal-lover with pets in your back yard, Wysiwash can keep your animals healthy. Contact Us today.

When Only

The Best Will Do

Wysiwash Sanitizer-V

Yard Sanitizing for Pets - Why Should You Use The Wysiwash® Sanitizing Deodorizing System

A Thorough Sanitizing Treatment

Wysiwash kills viruses and bacteria, deodorizes, and neutralizes mold

It Is Completely Safe

Wysiwash is a family, furniture & pet-safe handheld, pH neutral, chlorine generator that operates on any standard hose.


Kennels, breeders, and animal shelters across the U.S. trust Wysiwash's safe, eco-friendly system to sanitize kennels.

Shown in numerous tests to be effective against

Parvovirus, Distemper, Coronavirus (See below for more information), Giardia, Leptospira, Listeria, Feline Herpesvirus, Canine Parvovirus, Feline Calicivirus, Feline Panleukopenia, HIV Virus, MRSA, Hepatitus Virus, Polio, E. Coli, Salmonella, Swine Flu, Avian Influenza (Bird Flu), Streptococcus & Staphylococcus

Multi Surface Uses

Suitable for all landscapes & furniture, you can sanitize & deodorize your whole yard with one treatment including CONCRETE | METAL | PLASTIC | ARTIFICIAL TURF | GRAVEL | WOOD | TREES | PLANTS

Multiple Important Benefits

Kills bacteria | No rinsing necessary | Environmentally friendly | Controls mold & algae | EPA registered | Produces safe levels of chlorine | Destroys organic contaminants | Sanitizes turf, equipment & furniture | Saves you money & time


WYSIWASH how it works


One Step Freshness

Wysiwash is a powerful, eco-friendly deodorizer that removes the smells left behind by pet urine and feces in your back yard.
It has been trusted for years by kennels and animal shelters all across the United States for its unique ability to deodorize and disinfect in one step.
Use Wysiwash and get rewarded by a fresh, clean smell. Perfect for yard sanitizing for pets

Save Water

Other turf deodorizers require you to saturate the turf to be effective, wasting water. With Wysiwash, all your operator has to do is hose down your yard
and furniture with Wysiwash and the smell is gone.
No need to rinse or pre-wet, saving water and cutting your utility bill.

Cost Effective

Not only is Wysiwash safe and easy to use, Wysiwash’s concentrated formula offers incredible value.

Protect Your Plants and the Planet

Wysiwash is eco-friendly and safe to use around children and pets. It is biodegradable and won’t damage your turf, astroturf, grass, trees or plants.
Use it on concrete to eliminate mold and algae, as well as pet odors.

Always Effective

Enzyme based deodorizers are susceptible to a variety of environmental factors that reduce their effectiveness.
Wysiwash effectively eliminates odor no matter what the weather or temperature.

Prevents the Spread of Disease

Wysiwash deodorizes by killing the bacteria that cause the smell. Wysiwash does not mask smells— it eliminates their source.
By killing the disease-causing pathogens in dog waste and urine, Wysiwash also prevents the spread of disease among the animal population.
Effective against parvovirus and other dog diseases, Wysiwash is a must-have for those with multiple pets.

Yard Sanitizing Wysiwash Caplets

The Active Ingredients in Wysiwash

have been shown in numerous tests to be effective against:

    • Parvovirus*
    • Distemper
    • Coronavirus*
    • Giardia
    • Leptospira
    • Listeria
    • Feline Herpesvirus
    • Canine Parvovirus
    • Feline Calicivirus
    • Feline Panleukopenia
    • HIV Virus
    • MRSA
    • Hepatitis Virus
    • Polio
    • E. Coli
    • Salmonella
    • Swine Flu
    • Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
    • Streptococcus
    • Staphylococcus

*For more details about Parvo and CoronaVirus scroll down to the bottom of this page


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Our Yard Sanitizing

For Pets Team


From Essex, England I completed 30 years as a Police Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police. My last role was concerned with the protection of vulnerable young and elderly citizens in my precinct. Animal crazy, I have been involved in animal rescue all my life, with Rottweilers being my passion. We have two rescue dogs; a Rottie called Bear and a Pit-Bull / Rottie cross called Bobbi.

Owner & Yard Sanitzer

I was born and raise in London England. In the past I have worked as a Fitness Instructor, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I served 15 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer, with most of my service on the Youth Engagement Team. I worked with young people in London caught up in knife crime for my last 8 years. I have a beautiful daughter called Rae, and Rae has two dogs; a Pug called Missy and an Australian Shepherd called River.

Owner and Yard Sanitzer

I have loved dogs for majority of my life since I was kid. Throughout the years my friends have asked me to pet sit their dogs because they know I will take really good care of them. I like to read books, watch movies & TV shows. My childhood dog was a Husky name Sasha, I had her for 12 years. My other dog Bela I had for 12 years also. I have been pet sitting for around 15 years now.

Yard Sanitzer

Hi! My name is Linda and animals are my life! I have always had pets growing up as a child and my love for them has grown into my adulthood even more. I have a passion for learning and understanding all different types of animals. My experience in Pet Care is from having my own pets and caring for family, friends and volunteering over the years.<br /> I have experience with senior pets and administration of oral medications.

Yard Sanitzer

Hello, I am an animal lover. I have been a professional Pet Sitter since 2004. I will treat your family as if they were my own. I have two pups Lucy Lui and Buddy Baxter both rescues. I love all kinds of animals. I am a member of Maricopa County Animal Control as a volunteer. I also volunteer as a foster parent for local rescue groups here in the valley. I look forward to being your pet sitter and your pets bestie. I have experience with senior pets and administration of oral medications.

Yard Sanitizer


  • Proven to Kill Parvo in Just 2 Minutes

    In tests by the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee, Wysiwash was able to sanitize both enveloped viruses and nonenveloped viruses with just a two minute contact time.

    Enveloped viruses (feline herpesvirus, influenza, and HIV) are relatively easy to inactivate—most soaps will render them non-infectious. However, nonenveloped viruses such as feline calicivirus and canine parvovirus are hardier.

  • Coronavirus:

  • Although Wysiwash do not hold a claim for COVID-19, per se, they can logically deduce efficacy based on the following information:As an emerging, novel virus, germicides typically do not carry claims against COVID-19; however, the Wysiwash Sanitizing System has demonstrated excellent effectiveness on surfaces against bovine coronavirus, a virus very similar to COVID-19. Further, studies indicate that a 50 ppm sodium hypochlorite solution kills COVID-19 on hard surfaces in one minute or less. Wysiwash and Effersan are much more effective than a 50 ppm sodium hypochlorite solution.Please refer to the CDC’s website for additional information.The COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, making it an easy-to-kill virus. Non-enveloped viruses such as canine parvovirus or feline calicivirus are much more difficult to destroy. Wysiwash and Effersan have both demonstrated excellent effectiveness on those two non-enveloped viruses as well. It is important to follow directions and treat surfaces thoroughly to maximize effectiveness. Perfect for yard sanitizing for pets.
  • How can Wysiwash, a sanitizer, kill parvo?

    Each Wysiwash Jacketed Caplet contains a highly compressed calcium hypochlorite solution which is more effective and economical to use than liquid bleach. Hypochlorous acid, which is contained in chlorine, is the key sanitizing agent used in the Wysiwash Sanitizing System. Hypochlorous acid is effective against the most dangerous pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi (such as ringworm) and protozoa, none of which have become resistant to hypochlorous acid.

    Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Kennel Sanitizers & Disinfectants

    Chlorine occurs naturally in soil, and is one of the most abundant chemical elements on Earth. Any organic or inorganic salt contains Chlorine. Wysiwash’s main active ingredient is calcium hypochlorite (a compound made from chlorine, calcium, and oxygen). Calcium hypochlorite is commonly used in public swimming pools and to disinfect drinking water.


For additional information about the Wysiwash sanitizing system, including studies about the effectiveness of the active ingredients used in Wysiwash, please download the following documents:


General Information:


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