Plant Watering

Plant Watering Service

From Police Officers in London to Pet and House Sitters in Phoenix,
you can trust us or our team in your home!
This is our popular Plant Watering Service
where we water any plants you need watering whilst you are away,
indoors or outdoors, exactly as you need them to be looked after!


Critter Caretakers Pet Services is a modern, high-end, multi award-winning
pet and home services business and the most reliable way to find
a trustworthy person to do your plant watering whilst you are at work or on vacation.
We take all the work in finding you the best plant waterers
as we screen hundreds of resumes before we add to our team of Service Providers.

Often your plant watering service will also be one of our Pet Sitters
as they have proved themselves to be more than reliable
to look after your home for you whilst you are away.

Critter Caretakers has a very successful history of offering home services
and every single one of our reviews have been given a perfect five-star rating,
whether that is on our Critter Caretakers Testimonials page, or Google.
When you schedule your visits with Critter Caretakers, your home will be safe and sound with us.


When you secure your Plant Watering Service service through Critter Caretakers
we will not charge you any fees for last minutes schedules or cancelation fees,
something most if not all other similar providers commonly do.

Each Plant Watering Service person must pass a background check, this is not optional!
They must also have Insurance and Theft Bonding in date and in place for each visit

Visits are booked with Critter Caretakers and we have never refused a booking due to capacity issues.
Rest assured, no matter where you are, when you book Plant Watering Service through us,
your home gets the attention you would want so that you can travel knowing it is in safe hands.

If you need to book a Plant Watering Service on the go,
you’ll love the Time To Pet Software that we use.
Once you have booked your first schedule with us, you can book further schedules on your cell phone app,
as well as make payments and assign tips in a few simple steps.
You’ll get updates, photos and a report card from your Plant Waterer
and the app’s cashless payment feature allows you to
pay for your service easily and securely.

So if you are looking for peace of mind through
a reliable and trustworthy service make sure you

book a FREE Meet & Greet with us