Caged Critter Care

Caged Critter Care

Critter Caretakers Pet Services is a modern, high-end, multi award-winning pet services business
and the most reliable way to find and book a caged critter carer in Arizona.
We take all the work in finding you the best caged critter carer as we screen
almost 100 resumes before we add to our team.

Critter Caretakers has a very successful history of caged critter care
and every single one of our reviews have been given a perfect five-star rating,
whether that is on our Critter Caretakers Testimonials page
or on Google.

When you schedule your visits with Critter Caretakers, your pets will enjoy
all the love and care they are used to in the safety and comfort of their own setting.

Through our market-leading pet sitting software Time to Pet
you will get daily reports, photos and a detailed report card.
You can message your caged critter carer directly as well as the owners Tony and Liza,
who answer messages and calls 24/7 for your peace of mind.

Tony and Liza have a combined 45 years experience as Police Officers for the Metropolitan Police
so they are not only trustworthy, but happy to deal with incidents in the middle of the night!
Think possible illness and injuries to your pets, and international business clients who need this level of contact.

Why Book Us to be Your Caged Critter Carer?

With pets including rabbit, guinea pigs, rats, birds and chickens
Critter Caretakers Ranch Sitters will not charge you any fees
for last minute schedules or cancelations,
something most other caged critter carers in Arizona will do.
Each caged critter carer must pass a background check, this is not optional unlike some other service providers!

Visits are booked with Critter Caretakers every day and we have never refused a booking due to capacity issues.

Rest assured, no matter where you are, when you book a caged critter carer through us
your pets get the love and attention you would want them to have so that you can travel knowing they are in safest of hands.

The TLC Caged Critter Carers give to your pets is second to none.

If you need to book a great caged critter carer on the go, you’ll love the Time To Pet
Pet Sitting Software that we use. Once you have booked your first schedule with us,
you can book further schedules on your cell phone app,
as well as make payments and assign tips, in a few simple steps.
You’ll get updates, photos and a report card from your caged critter carer,
and the app’s cashless payment feature allows you to pay your pet sitter easily and securely.

The Best Caged Critter Sitters in Arizona

The cost of critter carer in Arizona may surprise you – in a good way!
That’s because we have sitters for you at very competitive prices.
We are not the cheapest, you can get those prices along with lower levels of service from other providers.
We are the high-end ranch sitters in Arizona but our prices remain competitive
and in some cases lower that others whose level of service for caged critter carer do not come close to ours.
In all other cases, it’s not what you pay for caged critter care, its what you pay if you don’t end up taking those services!
Always check out the fees that other Sitters charge when you want a last minute booking,
or have to cancel at late notice.

Critter Caretakers Critter Carer will never charge you fees. We value our clients far too much to do that!

We want you to book us again and again, and have a long-term relationship with you and your pets,
knowing that the level of service and peace of mind you get from us is second to none

So if you are looking for peace of mind, reliable, trustworthy cage critter sitters then make sure you
to book a FREE Meet & Greet with your carer today.

Remember, if your pets could choose, they would choose us!

Why Critter Sitting from Critter Caretakers?

Caged Critter Sitting is for pet owners who want the best for their animals.
Our sitter will visit your home once, twice or three times per day to provide care and comfort to your pet.

Visits include basic care of your pets,
including the following:

45-60 minutes at your home
Cleaning and filling crates, enclosures and water bowls
Cleaning litter trays
Feeding your pets
Adding hay / straw etc
Any other basic requirements
Plenty of love and affection
Special instructions will be attended to (giving medication etc)

Our Critter Care Rates – Please call for a quote

All services are customized to meet your requirements and rates are based on a variety of factors.
This includes the type of service required, duration of stay
and the individual needs & attention of the animal.
We provide reports and photos after every visit, and observe all dietary and health requirements.



to discuss your bespoke package and to get a competitive price on our
outstanding, award-winning caged critter sitting services.