Bird Grooming

Critter Caretakers Pet Services can refer to a leading expert, a friendly and caring Bird Grooming Service in the Metropolitan Phoenix area with our mutually beneficial relationship we have now created with the most experienced Bird Groomer in Arizona.


Insured, with experience ranging all the way back to 1983 having been trained by her own mom, she uses only clean towels, files, and scissors, and will never put a towel over your birds face.


By only cutting flight feathers, your bird will fly down and not up. The service includes cutting and filing the nails evenly and correctly, provide beak correction if needed, and a bathing service. By making a bird bath spray, used everyday in conjunction with toys, other supplements and daily exercise, your bird will stop picking their feathers. 


Beak correction is very important; in the wild the beak and claws naturally get worn down, but some household birds are unable to do this. If clipping is not done properly, the claws could grow too long and cause damage to the bird’s feet, the beak may become too long for the bird to eat, or the beak may become chipped or damaged.

Bird DNA sexing available.

To find out more about this Bird Grooming service CONTACT US or CALL LIZA ON 480.553.0105