Imagine Your Yard Without Poop

Dog waste is unsightly, it smells real bad and is potentially dangerous. Let us collect this poop on a regular basis so you don’t have to. Start enjoying your yard again!


Dog Poop Never Looks Good


Child Friendly Yard


No One Likes the Smell of Poop


A Dirty Job No One Wants


Simple & Fair Pricing Policy


Set a Regular Schedule


Add-On Yard Sanitizing


Astroturf Deodorizing


Why You Should Choose Us

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Free Meet & Greet

You want to meet your sitter, your sitter wants to meet you. No payment taken until you have met with your sitter so no financial risk to you. Your sitter will reach out directly to organize this

Options & Prices

What Option Suits You?

Popular Poop Scoop Prices

15mins Poop Scoop Time

Fair, simple pricing
  • Pay for 15 min blocks until clear
  • More time needed for more dogs ...
  • Or for bigger dogs ...
  • Or for less frequent visits
  • Minimum 1 visit / week

One-Off Visit

No commitment
  • One-off 30 min service to clear yard
  • If longer than 30mins needed to complete, extra 15min blocks added until clear

Add-On Deodorizer

Oooh, that smells nice
  • Yard sprayed with pleasant deodorizing aroma
  • Access to external water faucet and water supply needed
  • This fee pays for 10min application time, additional 10min blocks charged if needed
  • Also consider our 'Wysiwash' Yard Sanitizing Service or our Astroturf Deodorizer Service for extra protection against viruses & disease