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When looking for your Peoria House Sitters, make sure you consider the following

When Only

The Best Will Do

No Hidden Fees

It's not what you pay if you use us that matters, it's what you pay if you don't. Unlike competitors, we do not punish you with late notice or cancelation fees - you only pay for services we fulfil.

Available 24/7

International client? A concern that's keeping you awake? For total peace of mind give us a call, anytime.

Fully Insured & Bonded

For your protection. We use the services from leading companies to ensure substantial coverage is in place should it be needed.


Owned by two former Metropolitan Police Offices with a combined 50 years experience, you can trust us and our team to take our responsibilities seriously.

Team Mentality

With a growing team & proactive owners, whilst we assign you a primary contact we have the capacity to use a second or third in the case of scheduling conflicts, time offs & emergencies. We will always cover your schedule, even short notice requests.

Money Back Guarantee

We want our clients to be happy. If you raise a concern and we do not resolve your issues to your satisfaction, we will refund your payment.


Our Award Winning

Peoria House Sitting Team


From Essex, England I completed 30 years as a Police Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police. My last role was concerned with the protection of vulnerable young and elderly citizens in my precinct. Animal crazy, I have been involved in animal rescue all my life, with Rottweilers being my passion. We have two rescue dogs; a Rottie called Bear and a Pit-Bull / Rottie cross called Bobbi.

Owner & House Sitter

I was born and raise in London England. In the past I have worked as a Fitness Instructor, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I served 15 years as a Metropolitan Police Officer, with most of my service on the Youth Engagement Team. I worked with young people in London caught up in knife crime for my last 8 years. I have a beautiful daughter called Rae, and Rae has two dogs; a Pug called Missy and an Australian Shepherd called River.

Owner and House Sitter

Hi! My name is Linda and animals are my life! I have always had pets growing up as a child and my love for them has grown into my adulthood even more. I have a passion for learning and understanding all different types of animals. My experience in Pet Care is from having my own pets and caring for family, friends and volunteering over the years.<br /> I have experience with senior pets and administration of oral medications.

House Sitter

I’m retired from Arizona State Government in which I worked for 30 years. I now have time to do what I really enjoy, pet sitting. I have been pet sitting for about 3 years and it has been such a rewarding experience for me! I don’t know what it is like not having a pet in my life. I grew up with dogs, cats, birds and fish. I currently have 4 cats, which are my babies. Pets are like family, so it gives me great pleasure taking care of your pets. I have experience with senior pets and administration of oral medications.

House Sitter

Peoria House Sitting

Service List


From Police Officers in London to House Sitters, you can trust us in your home


    *  Look at your house from a distance on arrival to check the general appearance. Walk around the outside checking for potential damage to walls, windows and roof (from ground level only) & any general storm damage / signs of vandalism or trespassing

    * Inspect air conditioning unit for signs of damage and for proper water flow at condensation lines
    *  Check front and back yards for distressed plants and weeds, and any bugs or critters who shouldn’t be there!
    *  Check that your irrigation timer has power running to it and check for any obvious irrigation issues including leaks and damage from rabbits
    *  Take in any mail / newspapers from driveway & doorway
    *  Check that pool/spa is being maintained including general appearance, chlorine levels etc and floating debris
    *  Ensure that all external lights including landscape lighting and exterior coach lights are working correctly where possible
    *  Any other requests made at time of your free  Meet & Greet consult regarding the exterior of your property or Contact Us to discuss options



    *  Look at general appearance on entry
    *  Run dishwasher & washing machine
    *  Run all faucets and waste disposal units
    *  Flush all toilets & top-up water evaporation buckets
    *  Check for any more bugs or critters who shouldn’t be there!
    *  Ensure the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer are within acceptable range
    * Add salt to water softeners as needed
    *  Check your water heater and softener for damage and leaks
    *  Alter thermostat to ensure your AC unit is running correctly
    *  Check air filters and change on agreed schedule
    *  Start your car and golf cart to run engine and keep battery charged
    *  Check all doors and windows to ensure all are locked and secure
    *  Any other requests made at time of coZsult regarding the exterior of your propertyIf you would like to add anything call you Mesa House Sitters at any time. Also don’t forget to CONTACT US when yyou return to your property so we can hand over responsibility for it.


    Meet with your contractors or (in some cases) offer referrals for the following. Contact Us to discuss specifics:
    *  Furniture Deliveries
    *  Contractor Estimates
    *  Pest Control Services
    *  Landscape Maintenance
    House Cleaning
    *  Minor Repairs
    *  Preventative Maintenance etc

House Sitters in Peoria AZ

Critter Caretakers Pet Services is a modern, high-end, multi award-winning pet and home services business and the most reliable way to find and book Peoria House Sitters. We take all the work in finding you the best house sitters as we screen hundreds of resumes before we add to our team of Peoria House Sitters..

Critter Caretakers has a very successful history of house sitting, and every single one of our reviews have been given a perfect five-star rating, whether that is on our Critter Caretakers Testimonials page, on Google, Yelp, Facebook or the Better Business Bureau (where we hold an A+BBB Rating). When you schedule your visits with Critter Caretakers, your home will be safe and sound with us.

Through our market-leading pet sitting software Time to Pet we have adapted the program so that your Peoria House Sitter can send you reports including photos and a detailed report card. You can message your Peoria House Sitters directly as well as the owners Tony Bacon and Liza Bacon, who answer messages and calls 24/7 for your peace of mind. Both Tony and Liza have a combined almost 50 years experience as Police Officers for the Metropolitan Police so they are not only trustworthy, but happy to deal with incidents at any time!

Why Book Us to be Your Peoria House Sitter?

Your Peoria House Sitters will not charge you any fees for last minutes schedules or cancelation fees, something all other house sitters in Peoria commonly do.

Each Peoria House Sitter must pass a background check, this is not optional!

Visits are booked with Critter Caretakers every week and we have never refused a booking due to capacity issues. In fact, you will find us very high on Google for Peoria House Sitters., House Sitting in Peoria, Pet Sitters Near Me and Pet Sitting Near Me – whether you are looking for a pet sitter in Peoria, Phoenix, a house sitter in the East Valley or a house sitter in the West Valley.

Rest assured, no matter where you are, when you book a house sitter in Peoria, your home get the attention you would want so that you can travel knowing your home is in safe hands.

If you need to book a great house sitter in Peoria on the go, you’ll love the Time To Pet Software that we use. Once you have booked your first house sitting schedule with us, you can book further schedules on your cell phone app, as well as make payments and assign tips in a few simple steps. You’ll get updates, photos and a report card from your Peoria House Sitters and the app’s cashless payment feature allows you to pay your Peoria House Sitters easily and securely.

The Best House Sitters in Peoria!

The cost of Peoria House Sitters may surprise you – in a good way. That’s because there’s an Peoria House Sitter waiting for your booking for which we charge competitive prices. We are not the cheapest, you can get those prices along with lower levels of service from other providers. We are the high-end house sitters in Peoria, but our prices remain competitive and in some cases lower that others whose level of  service for house services in Peoria do not come close to ours.

Also, in all other cases, it’s not what you pay for house sitting in Peoria, it’s what you pay if you don’t end up taking those Peoria House Sitting services. Always check out the fees that other Peoria House Sitters charge when you want a last minute booking, or cancel at late notice.

Your Peoria House Sitters will never charge you fees. We value our clients too much to do that.

So if you are looking for peace of mind, reliable, trustworthy house sitters in Peoria then make sure you book a FREE Meet & Greet with us today.

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