We Offer A Wide Range of Services




Core Services are the services which Critter Caretakers offer directly. Their main service is Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.

By adding additional services using either the same team members or bringing in additional skills, talent and experience, we guarantee the highest level of service. You can trust us to provide you with complete peace of mind. Look for the tiny pink house logo!

Verified Partners are experts in their field in related pet services. You can trust them as we have verified them for you.

When we consider recommending other service providers, you can trust us to carry out significant due diligence to ensure they are reliable, trustworthy, skilled and experienced in the services they offer. Look for the blue check for our wonderful partner services

There are many great services online, some of which you may never be aware of. Or you are but have no idea which online services to trust.

We research dozens of websites to ensure you can trust the one's we recommend. This really increases the range of home-based services you have access to, and you know you can trust them, as we built our business on trust and integrity.

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Across Phoenix & Both Valleys

Occasionally coverage may vary in some areas 


Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

We love your pets as much as we love our own.
When only the best is good enough


Basic In-Home Pet Grooming

We currently offer all services apart from cutting in the safety & comfort of your own home. Treat your pups to a regular pamper session!


Pet Insurance Comparison Site

Pet insurance made simple.
Helping pet owners give their pets a long & healthy life


House Sitting Service

Trust us to look after your home while you are away
for complete peace of mind


Wedding | Party Pet Attendant

Getting married? Having a large party for a significant birthday? The special ocassion will not be the same without your pups being there


Ranch Care Service

Basic duties for your horse, sheep, alpacas, chickens
and any other ranch friends


Astroturf Deodorizing

Wysiwash doesn't mask odors,
it eliminates them so the effect lasts much longer


Pet DNA & Health Analysis

Get hundreds of actionable insights
for your dog’s breed, health, and family tree


In-Home Pet Massage

There are multiple benefits to having a massage which many owners benefit from. Now your pets can benefit from this too in your own home


In-Home Bird Grooming

Beak correction, wing clipping & more.
Experienced & professional experts


In-Home Boarding

Pets are happiest at home. If this cannot be in your home, then we have boarders who open theirs up to your pet family


Yard Sanitizing Service

Highly effective in killing many hidden viruses
which can be lethal to your pets


Poop Scoop Services

Why pick up poop?
With our reliable service we deal with this unwelcome task for you


On Demand Online Vet

Veterinary professionals ready to assist with
health or medical concerns 24hrs / day


Pet First Aid Training

Learn pre-vet care & life-saving techniques
which can save your pet's life


Aquarium Maintenance

Ornamental fish in a beautifully set up tank are both beautiful and magical. Have one in your home with none of the work involved


In-Home Dog Training

Have your dogs trained in the safety of your home with experienced trainers who make a huge differences in your pet's quality of life


Pet Photography

Capture beautiful moments of your pets so you have increadible memories forever. Most people regret not doing this enough


Pet Treadmill Fitness Service

With Arizona being so hot and the dog parks being fraught with danger, have your dogs run safety on an adapted treadmill in a mobile unit