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Critter Caretakers
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 179 reviews
by Makayla on Critter Caretakers

Bonnie did a fantastic job with our kitties. I loved receiving updates and photos each visit. Thank you so much, the kitties and I appreciate it very much!

Hi Makayla! I We are so pleased that you are happy with our services and that you took the time to write such a great review for us. Bonnie is an excellent sitter and very popular - she is a very genuine person and cares for the pets she looks after as if they were her own, as do all of our team. Thank you for putting your trust in Critter Caretakers and we look forward to caring for Maple, Henry and Mr Bean again very soon!

by D.A. on Critter Caretakers

We usually have friends or family watch our 3 cats when we are on trips. This time we needed someone to show up twice a day to take care of our 3 cats because the oldest one mostly eats soft food and gets fed twice a day now. We did a search and there are a lot of "good" sitters out there but most of them are college students.

While I am confident they would take very good care of my pets, we were a little hesitant to turn over a key to our home to a stranger that we may never see again. So after reviewing the background information about critter caretakers we decided to give them a try. Sure its a bit more expensive, but we felt that was worth not having to worry about our cats or our home security. Theresa came by for a meet and greet and all 3 scaredy cats came out to check her out. That was unusual and a good sign.

Tony the owner even came by to meet us since this was all new to us. It was good to be reassured your pets and home are the priority for this company.

While we were gone we received 2 daily comprehensive messages about how things went and great pictures of each cat... not hiding. They seemed to be very accepting of their new caretaker and even hung out with her, which they never do for strangers.

When we got home everything was in order and the cats even acted "normal" instead of giving us the cold shoulder for leaving them like they usually do. So that fact alone confirmed that our cats were treated VERY well and each one got plenty of undivided attention. They were obviously not stressed out by our absence this time. We are definitely very happy with how well our pets and home were taken care of, and we recommend this company to anyone needing a good sitter that won't make you think twice about what's happening at home ...while the cats away...... (:

We will be using them again for sure!

by Melissa on Critter Caretakers

Oh thank you so much for these updates! We so appreciate it! We are grabbing some food and will probably be home around 7 or so. Thank you again! I'm so glad he was good for you.

by Sherry D on Critter Caretakers

We had an anniversary trip planned when our dog sitter bailed 5 days before our trip over a holiday weekend!!! We were frantic!! After trying everyone we knew I located Critter Caretakers online. They responded in record time and were able to not only get us booked but arrange Meet & Greets!! They were so patient with our timid rescue dog!!! She needs extra care and time to feel comfortable with strangers but they knew just what to do to and how to handle her!! We had a great trip that was both worry and stress free! The communication was excellent and the care was OUTSTANDING! I would definitely recommend them and look forward to using them in the future.

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

Thank you Tony for doing all that!!!!!

by Stephanie on Critter Caretakers

Thank you! 🙂

by Carmen on Critter Caretakers

Thats so awesome!!! No worries about gate but youre very innovative ?. The pups probably had a great time with you. We have not gone anywhere in a few years, but this trip we have had no stress thinking about the puppies because you were there doing such an awesome job with them. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to be able to use you again ??☺?

by Carmen on Critter Caretakers

Thank you Theresa so much for being there with them ???☺

by Carol on Critter Caretakers

Great! Thank you ?!

by Carmen on Critter Caretakers

So happy you are there and with them ??

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much!!!! ?

by Carmen on Critter Caretakers

Yay!! That is awesome to read. This is our first time away and doing this So this is really reassuring and comforting. Thank you again ?☺

by Carmen on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much Theresa for being there with them ???

by Jennifer on Critter Caretakers

Awesome! Thank you so much for taking care of my babies!

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

Awesome!!! Rain!!!! Woohoo. Thank you Tony!!!!! Have a great weekend as well!

by Michele Burrell on Critter Caretakers

Randi did such a great job with my dogs. It was the first time leaving them with someone that was not family. They looked so happy with every picture. We cannot express enough gratitude for the thoughtful caring of our fur babies.

Thank you for the kind review Michele!

by Jack on Critter Caretakers

Thanks so much Kathy and do your best to stay cool the next couple days.

by Patti on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much! ..... we really appreciate your kindness!

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

So so happy!!!!! Thank you !!!! Omg!! I'm so happy and relieved!!! Our cell service has been horrible last couple of days. I'm down by the pier where we get cell service. ??. Made by day!!!!

by Ashley on Critter Caretakers

Thanks so much for the updates and taking care of my pups I appreciate you!

by Ashley on Critter Caretakers

Ok thank you so much I appreciate it - crazy dog ?‍♀️

by Mary on Critter Caretakers

We are home and everything looks great - thanks!

by George on Critter Caretakers

Thanks again Bonnie. You obviously did a great job with Wilx. Those pictures were great.Thanks for sending them. I'll look forward to seeing you again soon. George

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

She looks very happy!!! ?

by Ashley on Critter Caretakers

They are crazy but they are sweet babies!!! Have a great day thanks again for everything

by Ashley on Critter Caretakers

Good morning!!!!! Thank you soooo much - have a great day!

by Mary on Critter Caretakers

Thank you. I know they are a handful, we much appreciate your patience!

by Laura on Critter Caretakers

Thank you. And thanks for letting me know I have ants. Lol. And for cleaning it up. Appreciate it and Appreciate you

by Rebecca on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much!!

by Jennifer on Critter Caretakers

Thanks so much Betty - really appreciate you caring for them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

by Melissa on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much! I am so glad he is doing well! Awwww I'm sure he is so happy you are there!

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

Happy little girl!!!!! Thank you!!! ?

by Ruby on Critter Caretakers

Perfect thank you Kathy

by Wendy on Critter Caretakers

Great, thank you so much!

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

Thank you for doing all that!!! I know muffin is very happy!! ?. Have a great weekend.

by Ruby on Critter Caretakers

Thanks for everything Kathy!❤️

by Michele on Critter Caretakers

... thanks for the pics, we sure miss them!

by Patti on Critter Caretakers

... thanks so much for coming Wednesday on such short notice. The pups told me they were so excited to see you! Have a wonderful weekend!

by George on Critter Caretakers

Thanks a lot for everything.

by Jack on Critter Caretakers

Kathy, can you come by today to let the pups out? I have an unexpected meeting at the office this afternoon.

by Kymberley on Critter Caretakers

Thanks for your help!

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

Thank you !!!! ?

by Brad on Critter Caretakers

Thanks so much Sam!!! You're a life saver for us!!! ?

by Kathy on Critter Caretakers

Thank you again for checking in on our sweet Lola!

by Carmen on Critter Caretakers

The dogs loved you! Thank you!

by Stephanie B on Critter Caretakers

Thanks so much, I appreciate you!

by Ashley on Critter Caretakers

Awesome!!!! Thank you so much!
Are you guys taking new clients in this crazy time? My boyfriends coming with me and is looking for someone to watch his fur baby at his house? Can I give him your info?

by Ashley on Critter Caretakers

Hi!!!!! I’m wondering if you guys are available next weekend for my 2 babies?

by Lindsay on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much for all the updates!! We really appreciate them!!

by Tasha on Critter Caretakers

Thank you ❤️

by Carol on Critter Caretakers

Hi Tony, yes we are home. Returned at about 2:30 & had a very excited pup! ??. We missed her so much! Thank you again for taking such great care of our princess ?. Y'all are fantastic!

by Tasha on Critter Caretakers

Thank you ?. I appreciate the both of you

by Carol on Critter Caretakers

Can't wait to see our girl! We missed her so very much! Thank you Tony! We could never have done this without you!!

by Carol on Critter Caretakers

You have really gone a long way to make sure she eats! Thank you Tony, you are truly committed ? and yes, she is one if a kind ??. Thank you again for all you've done and continue to do to take care of our girl.

by Lindsay on Critter Caretakers

I'm so glad she is more relaxed! Thank you!

by Carol on Critter Caretakers

You have been great and we appreciate everything you've done for our girl. She is certainly one of a kind ??

by Ruth on Critter Caretakers

Hi Tony, we are home. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my babies. We are hoping to go away again at Halloween, if we do I will definitely be reaching out to you ?

by Rebecca T on Critter Caretakers

Love the pics, thank you!!

by Sheryl on Critter Caretakers

Thank you for caring for him!♥️

by Carol on Critter Caretakers

She definitely looks happier tonight! Thank you again Tony for being patient with our girl and taking such good care of her!

by Kymberly on Critter Caretakers

Thanks for everything!

by Carol on Critter Caretakers

That is great to hear Tony! I'm sure you will take good care of her while we are gone. Made it to a Texas & enjoying our family. Thank you!!

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

Awesome!!! Such a great way to start my day. ?

by Jana on Critter Caretakers

I hope you and your family and all sitters are safe and healthy.

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers


by Keisha on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much Dale!! It has given us great peace of mind to know that our puppies, animals, and home were well taken care of!!

by Lois on Critter Caretakers

Awesome, really happy to hear ?

by Leah on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much for stopping in and taking care of the boys!
Have a great weekend! Thanks again!?

by Leah on Critter Caretakers

Thank you for checking on the boys ... I appreciate you and taking part of your day to check on my boys!

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

She looks very relaxed!! Thank you!!!! ??

by Faith on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so so much!!

by Kay on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much for everything!

by Kay on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much for taken such good care of the kids

by Julie on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much for everything!! I can't wait to get back and see her tonight ?

by Kay on Critter Caretakers

Thank you for the pictures miss them??

by Kay on Critter Caretakers

That is awesome thanks

by Julie on Critter Caretakers

Hi - we arrived home this morning. The pups are doing well. Thank you so much for taking such great care of them.

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

I can tell. I'm so glad!!!! She is in the BEST hands!!!!??

by Sandi on Critter Caretakers

She looks very content. ?

by Tasha on Critter Caretakers

Thank you for everything. I appreciate all of you very much.

by Timothy on Critter Caretakers

We know how much happier the cats are after a week of your visits, vs. a regular pet sitter. Thank you again for the detailed updates.

by Mary on Critter Caretakers

We are looking forward to a few days out of town-even if we end up sitting in the condo and just watching TV!!! Just to drive out of town will be a blessing-so thanks for all you guys are doing to make this possible and worry free.

by Kymberly on Critter Caretakers

Thanks for your help! Dogs were nice and calm when they came back in.

by Pamela on Critter Caretakers

We donated [your gratuity] to the Humane Society of Arizona [as requested by Tony] and Dan's work matched his donation. We will definitely use your services in the future.

by M.O. on Critter Caretakers

Hi Betty! We are so happy you are coming over while we are away from the house!

Betty is a great sitter and loves spending time with with you pets, thank you!

by Linda T on Critter Caretakers

Hi Tony! We are home safe & sound. Gracie is in fine shape, thanks to your good care. She really seemed to bond with you. If we do anymore traveling we will certainly be calling you again. Many thanks!

An absolute pleasure to look after Gracie again! Thank you for the kind words, we did to bond very quickly, didn't we!

by Julie S on Critter Caretakers

Thank you Christine. We are home with the pups and so thankful for your great care for them. Thank you for giving Pandora so much attention!

You have two wonderful dogs and Christine loves them like her own! Thank you for the kind comments.

by L.T. on Critter Caretakers

Sure gives us peace of mind knowing Gracie is in such good care!??

We are happy to be able to give you so much peace of mind. That is what we strive for!

by Jack B on Critter Caretakers

Thanks so much Kathy and have a fantastic weekend!

One of Kathy's favorite clients...!!!!

by Dvelyn D on Critter Caretakers

Thank you for taking care of my boys. I trust your company that my boys are in good hands.

Hi Evelyn, thank you for you kind words. I glad that you have peace of mind and trust us with your fur babies and your home.

by Wlatka K on Critter Caretakers

Thank you Liza & Tony for all your kind words and thoughts.????

Greg & I are very grateful and appreciative for all the care, concern, and support from everyone at Critter Caretakers.

You are more than welcome. Your two cats have become important members of the family for a number of our sitters, including us.

by Rebecca L on Critter Caretakers

Aww that's so sweet ? I'm just glad she has a little company and friendship to break up the long day of otherwise just being alone. It means so much to me.

You know it's our pleasure to look after your Pepper. She's just like one of our own dogs now. Thank you for you kind words and we are glad we can make you feel so much more comfortable!

by April F.T. on Critter Caretakers


You are welcome April! Great to look after a 3 month old puppy for the morning!

by Cressa A on Critter Caretakers

Thanks again. You're so good with them!

I am delighted you are happy with our service Cressa, thank you!

by Kymberley L on Critter Caretakers

Thanks for everything!

You are more than welcome. Kathy loves visiting you gang every day!

by Ian C on Critter Caretakers

We appreciate the dishes in the sink being done but you did not have to!!!!

You're welcome!

by KL on Critter Caretakers

Thanks for handling everything!

You're more than welcome!

by Patti B on Critter Caretakers

Thanks so much for taking good care of the pups, we always appreciate you and your care.

You're welcome Patti, thank you for trusting us for so many years with your pets.

by RL on Critter Caretakers

I appreciate you checking up on her!e

It is always great to look after Pepper, thank you for choosing Critter Caretakers.

by CA on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much, love reading the report!

We send report cards to all of our clients, they are very popular and I am glad you liked getting them.

by AJ Bellard on Critter Caretakers

Hi! I just got home to see little katya, thank you so so much for taking such good care of her! She's so happy and looks so content and well cared for, thank you for caring for her and thank you for alleviating any anxieties I had with the wonderful updates!

Katya is a beautiful cat and each sitter you have had have found her to be special, and a pleasure to visit. Thank you for trusting Critter Caretakers, we are glad to be able to make you feel better about going home to visit your parents.

by IC on Critter Caretakers

Yay!!!! Thank you so much. We appreciate you!

Its our pleasure! Thank you.

by Trudy McCracken on Critter Caretakers

We are home. And all went well. Sam is a very good caretaker. We will schedule again.

We are very proud to have Sam on the team, thank you for your kind words and we look forward to serving you again in February.

by Dennis R on Critter Caretakers

That's so cute, he really loves you. Have a great day Kathy and thank you.

Kathy is a great sitter, thank you Dennis. And Fenix is adorable!

by KL on Critter Caretakers

We love being able to depend on you taking care of the boys.

We are happy you can depend on our reliable service!

by A.B. on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much for the updates, seeing your photos of her really brightens my day

I am delighted that we make your day a little better whilst you are away!

by Simone T on Critter Caretakers

I so appreciate the peace of mind when you take care of them!

Kathy loves looking after both of your pets and treats them just like she treats her own.

by Paula M on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so very much!! Just got back and am cuddling peaches tonight!

It is our pleasure, thank you for using our services!

by Kathy R on Critter Caretakers

Miss my kitty. Thanks for looking after her!

No problem Kathy! We love to look after Lola for you. Happy New Year!

by Wanda R on Critter Caretakers

Made it home last night around 1:00, all is good with the kitties. Thank you for taking care of them while I was gone. Take care and have an awesome New Year!

Thanks for the update and kind comments Wanda. Happy New Year to you, Thomas, Sylvester and Blue too!

by Jillian T on Critter Caretakers

Love the photos! Thanks for the love you gave, even for the ones who didn't want it!

Thank you Jillian! Linda loves looking after Hansel, Great and Minx, happy new year to you all!

by Casey K on Critter Caretakers

Hi! Dave has arrived home. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate knowing that we are leaving our kids in good hands. Happy New Year!

Thanks Casey, we are glad that we can provide you with that peace of mind you are looking for. Happy new Year to you, Gus, Bella and the rest of your family!

by Laura B on Critter Caretakers

I hate leaving them, but it is easier knowing you're there!

I'm glad you trust us to look after your crew Laura, thank you!

by Suzanne C on Critter Caretakers

Bonnie, you are the best! You always are flexible and think of everything!

Hi Suzanne, great review thank you. We agree, Bonnie is the best (but all of our sitters are pretty awesome too)! Happy New Year to you and your gang!

by Julie S on Critter Caretakers

We made it home to Pandora and Remi. All is good at the house. Thanks again for everything!

You are more than welcome Julie, thank you. And a Happy New Year to you, Pandora, Remi & the rest of your family!

by Julie S on Critter Caretakers

Betty, thank you so much for all the great care, especially with our picky eater! We've appreciated all the updates!

You are more than welcome Julie, thank you!

by SC on Critter Caretakers

Good morning and thank you so much for being here for us again! It brings us a lot of comfort knowing that our family is in such good hands while we are away. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the holidays and Happy New Year!

You are welcome! Thank you for the kind comments. Happy New Year to you and your family too!

by Trudy M on Critter Caretakers

Sorry didn't get back to you sooner. Thanks for doing a great job!

You're welcome Trudy! I know Sam particularly enjoyed looking after Savanna, Mouse & Charles for you!

by Jack B on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much for everything Kathy. We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate you. You always go above and beyond. We never worry about the babies while we are away with you taking care of them. Have a wonderful New Years!

Thank you Jack. We all know how wonderful Kathy is with Barkley and Sophie and as a regular client I am delighted that you have complete trust and peace of mind when you are away. Happy New Year to you, Patti and all of your family.

by Donna R on Critter Caretakers

Dawn is great with our boys and we never worry when they are in her care. We couldn't be more pleased and know that your name is mentioned when friends are looking for pet sitting services.

Thank you Donna! Dawn loves spending time with Sammy, Frodo, Buzz and Lucy too! We look forward to working with you again and also working with your friends and families!

by Chris M on Critter Caretakers

We miss our boys a lot and can't wait to see them. I'm so glad you are able to take such good care of them.

Thank you for your comments Chris, Bonnie is an excellent sitter!

by LK on Critter Caretakers

Thanks for taking such good care of him again. It is comforting to know he is in such good hands. ???

You are more than welcome! Nicole loves her time with Cliff!

by Brian P on Critter Caretakers

Hey guys! We made it back in one piece, cats are running around and happy! Thanks again for watching them.

Our pleasure Brian. Your cats are beautiful and a lot of fun. We look forward to pet sitting for you again in the future, thank you for choosing Critter Caretakers Pet Services!

by Linda T on Critter Caretakers

Thanks Tony. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Thanks for taking care of our fur baby. ?We appreciate the pics and when she is on her back it shows she trusts you. Gracie must really likes you! She rarely does that! Gracie looks very happy, we feel so much better to know you are taking such good care of her.

Thanks so much for taking care of our fur-baby! We will certainly be calling you again!

Gracie is the sweetest cat I have had the pleasure to visit. She is so affectionate and we got on so well! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend time with her and get to know her. I look forward to pet sitting visits with her in the future!

by Marcia M on Critter Caretakers

Thank you for your wonderful care!

You are more than welcome! Kathy loved looking after Kitty and White Socks. We hope you book with us again very soon!

by Curtice M on Critter Caretakers

Liza, Betty, Christine -

Thanks so much! Awesome job with our dogs. So glad we found you! Loved the pictures and the updates after each visit. You are all very professional. Thank you!

You are more than welcome Curtice, thank you for trusting Critter Caretakers as your pet sitters!

by Pam S on Critter Caretakers

We are home safe and sound. Darwin and Zelda seem just fine. Thank you Randi as always!!

Hi Pam! Thank you for your comments. Randi loves watching over Darwin and Zelda. Thank you for continuing to use us as your trusted pet sitters!

by Amanda W on Critter Caretakers

? Thanks again for watching her! We very much appreciate your care and time with our kitty.

Thank you Amanda for choosing us as your pet sitters!

by Kirsten S on Critter Caretakers

Thanks so much! We appreciate you stopping by and looking after them:)

Thank you for continuing to use us as your pet sitter Kirsten!

by Gaile M on Critter Caretakers

Hi! To let you know, we are home! Everyone looks good and yes, they were SO happy to see us (this was one of the most extended away time ever)… Thank you so much for making it possible for us to get away in celebration of our 50th Anniversary! Happy Thanksgiving to each of you! We are so thankful for you! 🙂

It was our pleasure to be your pet sitter so you could have a great 50th Anniversary without worrying about your fur babies at home. Congratulations to you and we look forward to looking after your pets again in the future!

by Rufaida H on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much Bonnie for taking good care of my babies. I'm sure they'll miss you too. I can't wait to see them tomorrow. Have a beautiful day ❤️❤️❤️

Bonnie loves being your pet sitter. Thank you for trusting Critter Caretakers in your home!

by AS on Critter Caretakers

Yay! So glad it's going good! Thanks for the updates, I love not having to worry about them!

We're glad we give you peace of mind! Thank you for trusting us with your pets!

by Jen T on Critter Caretakers

I will send payment as soon I get home! I really appreciate you accommodating under such short notice!

You are more than welcome! I am glad we could offer you our same day service without any fees or issues. Thank you for continuing to use our pet sitting services!

by Timothy T on Critter Caretakers

Thank you so much for your detailed updates. We really appreciate the effort you put into your visits, it certainly shows when we come home and the cats don't seem to have missed a beat.

Thank you for choosing Critter Caretakers to look after your furbabies. We look forward to being your pet sitter for many years to come!

by George on Critter Caretakers

I can't say enough about these guys!! They are the BEST!!! We had them check on our cat while we were away for the summer. They came in daily and and took the time making sure our cat had plenty of attention and love. They truly love their job and it shows. I'm so happy that I found them and will be using them again and again.

by Lisa Castanzo on Critter Caretakers

I am new to the Arizona area from Pennsylvania and I found Critter Caretakers recently. I want to express that they are FANTASTIC. I travel with my job and my experience with with them is just wonderful. My pets are treated exceptionally by Randi and my pups LOVE her! Just a wonderful experience, my mind is at ease, and I highly recommend them to anyone that needs the highest quality pet care available!

by Bob on Critter Caretakers

Critter Caretakers have provided me with excellent service in the care of my 3 Dogs. I travel for business and Tony and his team have been flexible with the care they provide and work with me and my schedule to make sure my pets are cared for. I recently went on a trip and was stranded due to the an unusual snow storm. Even though they were not scheduled to help me that week they stepped in and came to the rescue by coming by to feed and care for my pack. Tony always sends detailed updates and photos of the dogs and I feel completely at ease with them in Critter Caretakers hands. I have used them many times and my pets love Tony and his family.

by Elizabeth Johnson on Critter Caretakers

Thank you to Tony for accommodating our last minute bind. Charlotte was a godsend to us. She gave us peace of mind and was very trustworthy and reliable in the two days she came out to our home to watch our 3 dogs. Our pets were able to stay in the comfort of their own home with a loving caretaker. I will look no further than Critter Caretakers for my next need of pet caretaker.

by Simone on Critter Caretakers

Kathy from Critter Caretakers is now our go to while we're on vacation. She took the extra time to get to know our rescue pup and was patient while she adjusted, she also loves on our needy cat and always sends pictures and updates while we're away which is SO reassuring because you know your fur babies are being well taken care of. Great alternative to boarding, the animals get to stay home and the cost is reasonable!

by Nancy on Critter Caretakers

I have nothing but positive experiences with Critter Caretakers during the past 3 years. Their professionalism, concern and organization is unmatched. I am grateful for their communication during pet visits and their complete description of services rendered. They provide comfort and security, which helps tremendously when I have to leave my babies.
I can't say enough about Tony and his service, exceeding all expectations. Thank you so much!

by Jackie S on Critter Caretakers

We found Tony and Critter Caretakers recently, and Tony watched our Mr. Buddy for the first time over the long holiday weekend. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Tony and Critter Caretakers! He took the time to update us daily with text and pictures (which is great when you are away and missing your baby), everything was spotless when we came home (food bowl, toys cleaned up). Our Mr. Buddy has some special needs and Tony attended to his needs lovingly. Tony and Mr. Buddy became fast friends. Mr. Buddy even let Tony give him belly rubs! I would use Critter Caretakers again in a heartbeat, and plan on doing so in the future. You can tell Tony is an animal lover as well, which put me at ease while being so far away. Thank you!

by Jack B. on Critter Caretakers

I just wanted you to know how absolutely excited we are over the care your team gave Barkley and Sophie while we were in LA. As you know, this is the first time we have used you for extended care versus our weekly daily visits. The ladies were so amazing with all the care and attention they gave. The pups were so relaxed, not one bit of stress. They look good and smell good. This is without a doubt the best care we have ever had. I now feel so relaxed over leaving for our longer extended trip and knowing they will be in great hands.

Thank you so much; you’re the best!

by Stephanie on Critter Caretakers

Critter Caretakers is a great pet sitting service. Since day one they have made me feel very comfortable leaving my pets in their hands even for an extended time. I am very particular about the needs of my cats and they are more than willing to go above and beyond. Nicole is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone with cats. I truly feel she has a special place in her heart for cats and proves it through the compassionate care she shows my animals. Nicole spends time not only replenishing food/water but also providing my cats with social interaction. Finding a service like this is a rarity, where you can 100% depend on them to care for your pet as their own.

Thank you!

by Bernie Williams on Critter Caretakers

During the recent holidays I planned a lengthy trip to visit my children & grands. Critter Caretakers was the answer for caring for my little, cute, almost blind cat that had just gotten used to our new home. Kathy, in particular, was so kind & caring. She fed, brushed, played with, cleaned up her litter daily. She sent texts & photos. When I got back, Sophie wasn’t sure why I didn’t sound or smell like Kathy. After five days, Sophie is fine with me again. Thank you for the great care.

by Jan and Ken A on Critter Caretakers

I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with Critter Caretakers services. Nicole was an ideal sitter for our wary, elderly cat. Knowing that all bases were covered and we could rely on you was a great relief and made our trip much more enjoyable. We unequivocally give you 5 stars!!!

by Mary on Critter Caretakers

Critter Caretakers is a fabulous pet sitting service. Very reliable and they have taken such good care of my kitties. Dawn is very organized and responsive and Yvonne is so loving she worked wonders with my nervous cat. I highly recommend this service. Mary P

by Lynne Dilling on Critter Caretakers

Critter Caretakers will always be my pet sitters forever! Dawn always goes above and beyond in taking care of my kitties. We come home with calm and not grumpy cats like we never left. I have a detailed report when I get home and I get daily photos of them. My scaredy, shy cat always comes out for Dawn. And she is the ONLY person that was able to get close to my shy kitty. She's so good with animals. And they can sense that she is an animal-lover and bonds with her.

by Cheryl & Les on Critter Caretakers

'Thank you so very much' and 'Job well done' hardly express our joy at finding CritterCaretakers!

With a cat, dog, chickens and an aquaponic system with fish tanks, we needed to find a competent, experienced and reliable pet service. From our initial phone chat with Dawn to our detailed consultation with Yvonne, we knew we had found the right crew!

Our caretaker Yvonne won over our rescue dog, our older escape artist cat and left all our critters well cared for and the house ship-shape. And daily updates, photos and log kept us humans happy too!

We are delighted to have met these caring professionals and highly recommend their service.

by LC on Critter Caretakers

We contracted with Dawn from "Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting" to both house, and, pet sit for 4 days at the first part of July 2012. We had asked her to check on our 2 dogs and 3 cats to make sure they were okay. Her job was to spend approximately 1/2 hour with our pets and to refresh their water and fill the food bowls. We also requested that she water the plants that were on the back patio and make sure the backyard watering system was working okay. I informed her that the 3 litter boxes were just cleaned so there was no reason for her to worry about them.

Dawn had asked us if we would like to hear from her while she was here so we could be updated on our pets situation. She was better than her word, sending text messages and pictures to our I-phone during every visit. She not only feed and watered our pets as requested but also provided some ribbons from her home to play with the cats. Dawn played with our Pomeranians and gave them the recommended treats during her visits. She obviously watered the plants properly as the temperatures were excessive and would have killed them in the 4 days we were gone. To our surprise, Dawn did worry about the condition of the cat boxes and cleaned them during each of her visits. She had asked during the initial consultation about the location of our vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies. When we walked into our house after being gone for these 4 days, we were greeted by a pleasant smelling house. Dawn admitted that the cats had left an occasional hair-ball which she had cleaned up. The final act was the 2 page diary. She had kept a log of events for each of the 4 days that she had taken care of our pets and house. Dawn requires that the owner confirm that they have arrived safely at home so she knows that her job is done. We highly recommend her to anyone that lives within 12 miles of the Power Rd and US60 area.

by Vic on Critter Caretakers

Crystal and Randi were unbelievable! Spike is only 4 1/2 pounds, terribly spoiled and very wary of strangers. They won him over and he even talked each one of them into letting him sleep with them! They sent updates, pictures and kept a detailed log for us. Spike had a medical emergency which was dealt with, with extreme competence. I never give testimonials however Critter Caretakers is the absolute best and I felt I had to.

by Mark on Critter Caretakers

Nikki and Dawn went above and beyond caring for my 2 cats while out of town for a week. Their notes were extensive and detailed; and it was satisfying to receive daily e-mail pictures of my oldest boy. Even when the cats were sleeping and hiding, Nikki and Dawn spent time in the house to make sure everything was fine. I felt comforted that the prescription diet was being prepared properly on a daily basis. Even though I did not request it, they tended to the litter box and emptied the kitchen trash. I would trust and recommend this service to any of my friends.

by bernie on Critter Caretakers

Very pleased with Nikki. She took suggestions well, followed thru, and left a documents report. She also sent photos. I hope she can do business with us again. She was excellent. I'm very pleased myself and my husband, but mostly my furry family was safe and taken care of. They are my loves.

by Deb Engle on Critter Caretakers

We recently took a short vacation and found Critter Caretakers so our dog could stay at home. Ashley was Casey's main sitter. She was wonderful with him. He was so excited to see her every day. Casey just loves to be cuddled and loved and he definitely got that attention from Ashley. Mandi also visited him one day and he loved seeing her too! Casey just loves to be loved and he definitely got that attention from Critter Caretakers. I'm so happy I found these wonderful people that care so much about my baby!

by Janet on Critter Caretakers

We recently took an extended vacation and needed to find a reliable pet service. From the moment I spoke with Dawn, I knew that her organization is professional and loves animals. We had two amazing sitters who alternated the care of our sweet kitty. They were professional, loving, attentive, reliable and truly enjoyed their time with our kitty and she loved them back. We had no worries about our home either and they also took care of mail, lights, trash and recycling. Each day we had a text and photo of our baby and when a need came up, our sitter let us know and got our permission to take our girl to the vet. I cannot say enough about the wonderful and caring attitude of this company. Our girl was in reliable and loving hands, and we would not hesitate to recommend Dawn and her caregivers to anyone needing pet care. They are a blessing!

by Donna Roberts on Critter Caretakers

Dawn was amazing with Frodo, Sammy and Lucy. I loved getting texts everyday of my cats and the cute captions she included. They were well cared for and I did not have any worries at all. I highly recommend Critter Caretakers and will continue with their services for all my pet sitter needs. Thanks a million!

by Tom Lundquist on Critter Caretakers

Dogs stayed home with Randi as director. Dogs are in good health and stayed in their usual environment lowering their stress to zero. Communications were great on a daily base. Randi did a great job. 🙂

by Barbara Byrum on Critter Caretakers

Our dog Haley just loves Randy - that is all she talks about. When is Randy coming when is Randy coming I can't wait for my next walk. You guys are awesome thank you so much for taking care of our dog and loving her the way we do.

by Lynn Oleksy on Critter Caretakers

Dawn provides such a fantastic service and we could not be more pleased with Mandi as our critter sitter. I can not thank you both enough for the wonderful care you give our fur babies.

by Sharlene and Alicia on Critter Caretakers

We absolutely must give our sitter 5 stars for her awesome service while we were away for 8 days. This is the first time that we have ever used Critter Caretakers to take care of our fur babies, and it will not be the last! We were so pleased with how she gave us updates on a daily basis, we were able to enjoy our vacation and not have any worries. When we arrived home, we were so pleased to see how happy all the animals were! The house was in perfect condition and tidy when we came back. We are so grateful that we found Critter Caretakers! This was definitely the best pet sitter that we have ever had!!

Thank you!!

by Yvonne Hertel on Critter Caretakers

I give the highest recommendation to Critter Caretakers. I have used them a several times over the past few years and they are always wonderful. We are VERY protective of our furry babies and they get the best care ever with Critter Caretakers. We get daily emails/texts with photos and updates as well as a detailed log of everything that went on while we were gone. I sometimes think my pups are sad when we come back because they have SO much fun with Crystal!! As much as we hate leaving home without our pets, it gives a great peace of mind to know they are in such good hands!! Please keep up the great work!!!!

by Kathy on Critter Caretakers

My husband and I were finally able to go camp infield at Nascar this past weekend, all thanks to Critter Caretakers. We have never left our 4 pawed son, but thanks to finding this company we were able to enjoy our time away. Claire was over the top. She sent pics to us daily. The BEST way to go, from the time I called the office everyone was so friendly.
Kathy, Mesa

by Debbie R on Critter Caretakers

Dawn is the most caring soul I have ever encountered. She is truly amazing with my fur babies! Critter Caretakers is the ONLY way to go for pet sitting services!

by John on Critter Caretakers

Since we moved to Mesa from Scottsdale we felt trapped since we did not know anyone in the area and we couldn’t leave our pets alone. When we discovered Critter Caretakers  we were a little uneasy about letting strangers into our home. After we had our consult with Dawn we were ecstatic . The questions she asked showed a desire to understand how to make our little guys comfortable in their ordinary routines. To be honest she asked about things we hadn’t even thought about. We could tell she takes the responsibility of caring for our kids seriously. What a relief!! Since then we have had several of Critter Caretakers sitters care for our pets. They all show the same level of detail. The notes and texted pictures are great. The only thing missing is the uneasy feeling while we are on vacation wondering if “Uncle Joe” remembered to come by and feed our kids. Thanks so much Dawn and Friends for granting us our Freedom.
John from Mesa

by Lora on Critter Caretakers

I have been very pleased with the level of service and personal attention my dogs have received. I could not leave them in better care!

by Lauren on Critter Caretakers

I have used Critter Caretakers a couple of times when I have been out of town. I am very protective of my two little fur babies (ie cats), especially since one of them had diabetes and required insulin shots twice a day. He required special attention to his eating and behavior due to his medical conditions (as we were still trying to get his disease under control). I was so pleased when I received constant updates from my sitter, complete with text pictures! When I returned home, I saw the litter box was clean (not always the case with previous sitters!), water and food bowls were full, and my cats were happy and well cared for. I also received a full diary report for each of the visits that included play activity, moods, etc.

I completely trust this service and would not hesitate to use them again and recommend them to anyone!

by Gary and Janice on Critter Caretakers

My wife and I were going on a cruise our son getting married on it; we have boarded our two dogs and one cat in the past. Based on recent news about poor boarding habits we did not feel comfortable leaving our girls in any boarding locations. We went on a search to find a quality provider that would stay in our home while we went on our trip. I must point out I hire Contractors to perform multimillion dollar projects for the Federal Government, I mention this only because I do a lot of background checks from many locations to ensure we are hiring quality Contractors. Based on this I put Critter Caretakers through the test that I would any of the Contractors I hire, I was very surprised, but pleased to find a company that past all the tests.

Based on this I reached out and called Dawn (owner) - she was very pleasant and even more reassuring to me as we had been burglarized in the past and lost over $80K in jewelry that was to be passed down to our children and grandchildren. This made having someone stay in our home a little more worrisome for us.

I am happy to report, that while we were gone Crystal sent us emails with pictures of our girls all cuddled up and playing with her during our trip and an update as to how they were doing. When we returned home we found a daily log of what the girls did during our absence. This was, to me, the additional attention to detail and the pride that Crystal takes in her responsibilities.

Our house was clean, the girls were all happy and we found a new person that we can depend on when we are traveling in the future. We will use them again and I am happy to recommend Critter Caretakers and Crystal to anyone that may be looking for a quality home and sitter service. Thank you Dawn and Crystal - you have removed our initial worries and delivered more than what you promised!

Gary & Janice Smith

by Pam & Roger Gilles on Critter Caretakers

My husband and I have NEVER EVER left our fur babies alone without at least a family member staying with them. Due to a family function we had no family to take care of them so we contacted Critter Caretakers. I can tell you from the moment I spoke with Dawn on the phone I instantly knew my babies would be well cared for and loved. We were so lucky to get our Melissa as our pet sitter! She came over and met "the kids" before we left on our trip and we and "the kids" had instant rapor with her! As she left that day I knew we had just inherited a new family member! She texted EVERY day and sent pictures too. I could go on for hours about her, we love her and how she loves our babies!! Our concerns about leaving the kids are completely gone now that we have found CCPS and Melissa. We cannot say a big THANK YOU enough!!! Highly recommend!!!

by Marilyn Jean Prescott on Critter Caretakers

A last minute trip left me with 4 cats, and no one to watch and feed them. After contacting other pet sitters, and being horribly disappointed, I found Dawn at Critter Caretakers. Now, this last minute trip was not the average 2-3 day trip, it was 3 MONTHS!!!

I called Dawn, and without any qualms, she set me up and made me feel very comfortable about leaving my babies in her competent hands.

The sitters, Crystal and Claire, are the kindest, loving caretakers ever to walk the earth. I received daily updates along with pictures. They even brought in my mail, and put the garbage can out, as if there was still someone at home. I felt as though I was still at home.

Dawn is very organized and a competent business woman. She allowed me to set the time that I wanted the kids to be fed and loved. And loved they were!
As far as I am concerned, there is no other pet sitting service in Arizona!

When I came home, I had 4 very healthy, happy kitties. They even vacuumed and dusted my house the day before I came home!!!
I can not say enough about Critter Caretakers. The devotion to my kitties made me so happy. I will tell EVERYONE I know about this remarkable service.


by Monica Beck on Critter Caretakers

Thank you for loving on Annabelle and Emma. Thank you for making my vacation even more enjoyable! Melissa took amazing care of my cats and my house. Not only did she rub and pet my girls, she brushed Emma (that cat loves to be brushed) and even got some pics of very shy and nervous Annabelle. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the genuine love and care starting with my conversation with Dawn to my interaction with Melissa. I will recommend this company to everyone! Thank you!!

by Patti Nichols on Critter Caretakers

Dawn is very professional and Crystal was the most super live in petsitter we have ever had. We got daily photos and updates of our fur family and it made our time in Hawaii that much more relaxing. Everyone was beautifully loved and taken care of, and our home was just as we had left it. Thank you Dawn, and Crystal you are the best - the boys love you!

by MB on Critter Caretakers

I will never use another pet sitting service other than Critter Caretakers. My husband and I have used a couple of other pet sitting services to watch our three "fur babies" and none of them compare to Critter Caretakers. Dawn was more than professional from start to finish and Mandi took wonderful care of our dogs and our home and provided the perfect level of communication with us while we were away. I actually got a little jealous because I don't even think our dogs noticed we were gone. 🙂 Somehow she was able to replicate our routine with the dogs perfectly. It has provided us such peace of mind to know that we now have a trusted pet sitter to care for our animals. There really is no better pet sitting service in town. Thank you again Dawn and Mandi!

by Michelle on Critter Caretakers

I have used Critter Caretakers twice, and both times my dog received wonderful care. I received regular pictures and updates about how she was doing, which gave me peace of mind. I would definitely use them again in the future.

by Kathy Inamura on Critter Caretakers

For years when I have gone out of town or on vacation, I have been lucky enough to have someone watch and care for my pets! This July I was finding myself in a jam because due to circumstances beyond my control, I did not have anyone to walk, feed or take care of my dog Harrison George. Then I discovered Critter Caretakers and I can not say enough wonderful things about Melissa who was spot on! She kept a daily report, sent pics to my phone when they were walking or just sitting on the couch with her giving him tummy tickles, taking care of the food/water and everything else she did. I feel so fortunate to have found Critter Caretakers and would definitely recommend their services for your fur children! I know I will use them again! 🙂

by Sandy Campbell on Critter Caretakers

We have been using Critter Caretakers since it began. Dawn, the owner is so passionate about the service she provides. One of our dogs is very scared of most people and when Dawn first met with us, our dog warmed up to her as if she lived in our home. You can feel safe knowing the professionalism that Dawn and Claire show when taking care of your pets. You receive text messages and pictures while you are gone that let you know your pets are doing good. I highly recommend Critter Caretakers.

by Alec Ruderman on Critter Caretakers

Leaving our four footed children with someone we didn't know is always cause for concern; our experience from start to finish, however, alleviated any of that. The meet and greet in the beginning went very well, our dogs were very comfortable with Crystal. On the day she was to arrive to take care of our animals she was prompt and communicative. Photos followed at a frequent rate and what we saw allowed us to relax on our vacation. When we returned home our animals were happy to see us but relaxed as well. We could tell they were well taken care of and the last minute requirement of medicine for two of them was handled perfectly. I would not hesitate to recommend Crystal and Critter Caretakers to others.

by Machelle on Critter Caretakers

I have used Critter Caretakers (Crystal) on several occasions and have been very pleased with the service. My little feline, Carmen, who is basically shy, has been comfortable with Crystal as reflected in the pics I receive, along with texts. It is comforting to know that my "little girl" is being well taken care of while I am away. Thank you Critter Caretakers!! If you are looking for compassionate caretakers for your animals, I would highly recommend Critter Caretakers. Machelle, Mesa

by Melody on Critter Caretakers

I came into Mesa from out of town for some long days of training with my company. I was so happy to find Critter Caretakers, Dawn, and Claire. She was so reliable and compassionate and sent me texts and updates constantly. I felt so re-assured and comfortable, and Daisy and Jasmine seemed really well adjusted when we got home, not all stressed and frantic-y like they do sometimes when we leave them home alone... What a great service. I will definitely use them again when I am back. 🙂

by AJ on Critter Caretakers

I contacted this company because of an Angie's list review. I talked directly to the owner. An appointment was made for the owner and my critter caretaker to meet prior to needing their services. I completed an online information packet that allowed me to provide pertinent information about myself and my pets.

I was impressed at the meeting, Dawn, the owner, and Claire, my caretaker, were very receptive to my concerns. They reassured me that my idiosyncrasies about their care were common and understandable since our pets are our family members. After meeting with them I was comfortable that they both had an understanding of my pets needs (and mine!). While gone for 10 days I received daily text updates from Claire and even a picture or two. If I my cats weren't in stealth mode, I'm sure I would have received more. The updates were great...they really relieved any concerns I had about who was caring for my 3 cats. Upon my return I had an incredibly in depth report left by Claire. It detailed the dates and times of her visits and what she did during each visit. Also information on any kitty sightings or activity. From beginning to end there was professionalism that led to trust for this company, Dawn and Claire.

I would recommend Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting and would certainly use them the next time I need care for my cats.

by BF on Critter Caretakers

Two visits daily and/or overnights. She also retrieves our mail, and takes our garbage and recycling bins in/out for us.

I have used Dawn, or her employees, for pet sitting services frequently over the past year. Our initial visit was thorough, and Dawn came to my house and filled out extensive paperwork on our pets. She was very professional and has a detailed system. Our pets are like children to us, and who we pick to care for them is of the utmost importance. What I like most about this pet sitting service is the visit updates by text. She takes pictures of them (if they are cooperating and usually they are because she brings her own toys to coax them out), and sends them to us with a little note about the visit. Also, when we return, there is a DETAILED letter about each visit, what time she left/departed, etc. Another thing I like about this pet sitting service is the use of technology. Each client has a pet sitting profile online that you can go in and update.

You can also schedule all pet sitting services online and specify times you'd like them to come, overnight visits, make a note for the petsitter, pay for the service via credit card/debit card (including tip if you'd like), etc. Dawn has also helped us with recommendations on veterinarians, pet insurance, and food choices for them. We have always felt like our two and "babies" (and our home for that matter) are in the best of hands while we're away...

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