Safe People Foods To Feed Your Dog


Yesterday I discussed what are the top 10 foods you shouldn’t feed your dog:  

Today I’ll share with you what people foods are safe to feed your pooch. The list is a lot longer than you’d think!  Trust me, they’ll thank you with lots of tail wags and slobbery kisses when you let them have some of these people snacks!

  1. Green Beans – can be served fresh or frozen for a crunchy summer treat
  2. Peanut Butter – this Mesa Dog Sitters go to food when I need to administer medication. Dogs lovvvve peanut butter. It is also yummy when put into a rubber kong and provides something for your dog to do.
  3. Carrots – another yummy, crunchy snack that dogs love.
  4. Apple slices (no seeds though!) – satisfies the crunch factor again and double bonus, you can smear it with peanut butter. (for those clever canines who know medicine is now in the plain peanut butter,haha)
  5. Bananas – can be served fresh or as frozen slices.
  6. Lettuce – Think grass outside. My parent’s dog Scooter loves lettuce.
  7. Spinach – see above.
  8. Sweet potatoes – as long as they’re baked or dehydrated, these make a delicious snack that dogs love. Try slicing them.
  9. Chicken – small amounts of unseasoned chicken mixed in with a nutritious kibble is almost always a dog pleaser! No skin though which contains too much fat for their digestive system.
  10. Yogurt – live bacteria yogurts with no artificial sweeteners, additives, or sugar in it make a great addition to kibble, especially for the finicky eater. You can also try frozen yogurt for a summer snack.
  11. Blueberries – a small handful of fresh or frozen blueberries is a great treat for Fido. But not too many.
  12. Watermelon – going on a picnic with your furry friend? Sure, go ahead and toss her some of your watermelon. As long as it’s seedless. Seeds can be toxic.
  13. Pumpkin – ah yes, the Mesa Dog Sitter’s favorite for soothing an upset dog tummy. But whether or not your pup has an upset stomach, most dogs love pumpkin. Make sure its not the pie fill pumpkin though! And no sugar or additives. Just pure pumpkin.

So the next time your big furry buddy gives you “those eyes” you now have a variety of yummy, healthy people food options to share with your dog. Enjoy!





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