We’re the Chandler Pet Sitting Company For You If…


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Hi, I’m your friendly neighborhood pet sitter in Chandler! I’d love to share some thoughts to talk about why we might be THE best pet sitting company in Chandler for you.

…If your pets are like your kids, we are your company! Our motto says “we treat your pets like family”, and we live and work by that motto. The happiness, comfort, emotional well being and health of your fur-babies means everything to us. From keeping your yards and litter boxes spotless, to locating that favorite toy your puppy just has to have before she can sleep, all that matters to us is that your babies are taken care of and not missing you while you travel.

…If you worry about your pets when you vacation or work out of town and are looking for peace of mind, we are the pet sitters in Chandler for you! We love to take pictures of your pets, and text or e-mail you with daily (or more) updates. As a pet parent ourselves, we know how comforting it is to know our babies are happy and loved while we’re away and we want the same for you.

…If you miss knowing what your pets are up to while you’re traveling, we’re your pet sitting company! We leave detailed written notes for each visit, so that when you return, you can enjoy reading about your pet’s antics, attitude, and appetite.

…If  you don’t want someone to just “feed, clean and leave”, we are your pet sitting company in Chandler. Our visits are untimed. We care about quality, not quantity. Whatever it takes to make your shy cat feel comfortable, or your energetic dog get enough exercise, we’re there for them, and you!

As you can see, we may be a great match for you and your fur-babies’ needs! Give us a call today, and we can discuss our many options to best serve you and your pets.


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