Why Hire A Dog Walking Professional In Mesa?


Dogs need exercise. Period. Most dogs love love LOVE their daily dog walk and depending on the breed and energy level of your dog, they may even need more than one walk a day.

Why is it so important to walk your dog you ask? Dog walking has many benefits. First and foremost are the health benefits. Just like people, dogs need to be exercised to stay in shape. It keeps their heart and lungs strong and healthy contributing to a longer life span. It helps them avoid being overweight which can potentially lead to chronic illness such as diabetes. It can also help with their digestive system to prevent constipation.

Second is the fact that dogs live their lives through their noses. Getting out and allowing your dog to sniff around his neighborhood is mental stimulation for them; it serves the important purpose of providing relief for an instinctual urge and alleviates boredom for them. A bored dog will often act out by being destructive or behaviorally inappropriate such as barking for attention, digging in the yard or jumping on people. If they have all this energy and nothing to do with it, almost guaranteed there will be an inappropriate behavioral response.

And of course walking your dog creates some one-on-one time for the two of you to get closer, allow trust to develop between you and to strengthen your bond.  Sounds great to us!

If you find your dog(s) acting out chances are they’re not being walked often or long enough. A well walked dog is a happy dog! So, if you are looking for a dog walker in Mesa or Gilbert, please call Critter Caretakers. We’d love to be your go to dog walking company.


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