Why Are Once A Day Visits Necessary For Cat Sitting?


Critter Caretakers does a lot of cat sitting. And occasionally we will get a call from a client requesting a cat sitter who will do every other day visits.  However, our company does not offer every other day visits. Many pet owners underestimate the importance of every day pet sitting for cats.

Contrary to popular belief, cats are social animals. While they may not show it like our dog friends, they enjoy the companionship of their human counterparts. Once a day visits let them know they have not been forgotten about when you go on vacation. They also dislike any change to their routine. By having a once a day cat sitter come, they continue the feeding and play routine they’re used to.

Cats are incredibly curious and playful creatures. If they don’t have something (or someone) to spend time with, they will go looking for something to do. This can lead to upended water bowls, getting themselves locked in closets and discovering items that are not cat toy friendly such as Q-tips, dental floss, and rubber bands, all swallowing hazards that can lead to blockages. A blockage can be and usually is life threatening for cats.image

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone in to visits and found open cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms because the cats were bored and looking for something to do; so even if we put everything up, there is still the potential for kitty to get into something they’re not supposed to. Once a day visits allow us to provide the play stimulation they need and help keep an eye on things.

Also, cats are very clean animals and their litter box needs to be cleaned at least once a day. If a litter box is not clean cats may spray in the house or on the rugs.  Not an ideal situation to return to.

Health is a concern for our cat friends, too, and using a once a day cat sitter allows you to prevent most potential problems because we monitor their eating, drinking and elimination habits. If you have a male cat, it is especially important to watch these things. They are prone to urethra blockages and if a cat is having trouble urinating it is often life threatening within 24 hours.

Finally, I want to share a true story with you regarding one of our Mesa cat sitting clients. I was doing once a day visits for them for their 4 cats. In mid-July, the client had left late in the afternoon for their trip. When I arrived the next day in the afternoon for my once a day visit, the air conditioning had gone out and the inside of their home was 93 degrees! They had a cat who was incredibly shy to begin with. Because she was scared and confused about what was going on, she had burrowed herself under two heavy blankets on one of the beds despite the heat. If I had been making every other day visits, that client’s one cat (or more of them) would’ve certainly died from heat stroke! I watered down the cats the best they would let me and got the client’s A/C fixed for them that day while they were out of town.  Another time a client’s power had gone out due to a monsoon storm and the entire block was out, again in the middle of the summer – keep in mind this is Arizona and heat can be deadly here.

These are the kinds of things we don’t think will happen, but can and do! Whether cats or dogs, your pets’ health, happiness and safety are our greatest priority and this is why as your Mesa cat sitter, we strongly encourage once a day cat sit visits.


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