An Insider’s View: Dog Boarding in Mesa Vs. Pet Sitting


Having worked for many years in boarding and daycare facilities, even being the director at one, and now working with a pet sitting company, I have had the rare and informative opportunity to see with an insider’s view, the differences between Mesa dog boarding and in home pet sitting care.

Back in Michigan where I used to live pet sitting wasn’t popular due to weather conditions. So when I learned pet sitting existed I started thinking about all the differences there would be. I found many advantages to pet sitting and was very intrigued. After working in the pet sitting business, I learned more than I ever would have thought. Below are the most important differences I’ve come to love about being a pet sitter in Mesa and why I believe pet sitting is the best option instead of dog boarding.

Dogs are creatures of habit. They like things that are familiar and are most comfortable with a consistent schedule. Dogs may adjust to boarding after a couple days but it does throw off their schedule. I have noticed that cats do not adjust well at all except on rare occasions. With pet sitting your dog/cat can keep their normal schedules and feel more comfortable in their own home. They are fed, walked, exercised, and mentally stimulated on their regular schedule. Keeping their routine is important and it definitely keeps them happy with less stress while focused on fun activities.

More focus on individual dogs’ needs. Every dog has unique needs even when in the same household. With pet sitting your dog gets fed on schedule. When boarding dogs are fed they eat according to the kennels schedule instead of their regular feeding time. Your Mesa dog sitter will do their best to ensure your dogs are fed as close to their usual routine as possible. Also, dog sitting allows us to watch for changes within your pets that may indicate illness or other behavior issues that could go unnoticed in a kennel full of other dogs. Your pet sitters are often able to recognize changes in pets that may indicate special attention is needed. If your pets need medication, they are administered by the same person every time. With boarding, staff changes can affect and sometimes confuse consistent administration of medications. That brings me to my next point of advantages of pet sitting.

Your pet is taken care of by the same person every time. Occasionally there may be a time where your regular pet sitter cannot make an appointment but detailed notes are recorded and are able to be accessed by the backup sitter. Also, any sitter watching a pet must first meet the pet and owner to review their routine and specific needs prior their appointment. This is extremely important and your pets will be comfortable with their caretaker. Also, the sitter will be able to notice any differences in behavior of your pet. Most importantly it gives the wonderful gift of a close bond between your pet and Mesa dog sitter.

You as a Pet Parent save time! While boarding you have to go through the hassle of dropping your dog off, packing up food, meds, toys, etc. You also have to pick up your pet at the end of your trip. With home pet sitting, extra time and worry is saved. You also get the advantage of having your mail brought in, trash taken out, lights rotated if needed, and dog waste picked up. Having someone in your home is also a deterrent for burglars.

These are just the main advantages of pet sitting. I feel privileged to have been given the chance to take a look inside the life of a pet sitter. I would never go back. I love the individual bond with the pets and the extra care given to them and their loving parents.


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