Best Non-Natural Dog Chew Toys


In the last post your Chandler dog sitter blogged about natural chew toys, but there are a lot of great indestructible toys out there that are made to last.

As my English Mastiff pup, Luciano, got bigger, (and bigger, and BIGGER), his chewing became more destructive. He had his adult teeth and was time to get that tried and true KONG brand of toys for my boy. I can’t say enough good things about this brand – every product I have ever bought has lasted and stood up to their quality guarantee. I have their rubber bones that you can fill the ends with treats. I have a KONG Wobbler, that you fill with kibble and they have to knock it around the floor to get the treats out, and I must say it is fun to watch them play with this one. Then there is the original KONG – the bubbly, cone shaped toy that you fill with biscuits, peanut butter, or pumpkin. (Put them in the freezer to make the inside treat last longer)

They make them in all sizes and durability strengths, but the original large red one has a good track record at our house. The only tip I have is to try to keep them out of the heat and sun here in Mesa, as the weather did more damage than the dog, just by drying it out. I also have a KONG Ballistic stuffed toy shaped like a bone, it comes in several shapes and it is the ONLY stuffed toy that he hasn’t destroyed in seconds flat. Prices for KONG toys vary, some of them are a small investment, but I’ve found the internet has the best deals these days.

Luciano says, “Mmmm, nylon bones!”

Another chew toy/bone that Luciano really enjoys is the Yuppie Puppy Nylon Marrow Chew, its 100% non-toxic nylon filled with a jerky flavored filling down the middle. We’ve had this bone for almost 6 months and he’s barely chewed the ends off, the nylon helps clean his teeth, and it’s the only bone I leave out all the time because it is so tough. At about $10, its worth every penny!

As we know, puppies are also big chewers! If you’re looking to explore some ideas for chewing puppies, you can also check out this guide on toys for teething puppies here:

Finally, I have a brand with some personally mixed reviews. It’s the JW Pet brand of toys; they are quite reasonably priced, which is what drew me to them. They make several, and we’ve tried 3. First is the JW Hol-ee Roller – it’s a ball you can fill with treats. This is the only one Luciano hasn’t destroyed; now he also doesn’t “chew” on it after he gets the treat, but we do play tug-o-war with it and it has held up nicely. The other 2 were different varieties of ball, the I-squeak Bouncer, and the Crackle Heads ball. Both were destroyed rather quickly, as he easily ripped holes in them.

Your pet sitters in Chandler, hope these suggestions help you on your search for your dog’s new favorite toy!


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