What Does A Pet Sitter Do Anyway?


I’m often asked what does a pet sitter do anyway? Well, Critter Caretakers does not just show up to feed and water your pets. There are many things a Mesa pet sitter does when we visit. First and foremost of course is your pets’ well being.  Sure, we do make sure they’re fed and given water. But we attend to all the little details that go with that. Do you only give your dogs reverse osmosis water? Then so do we. Do you add salmon oil to your cat’s food for dry skin? We will, too. Does your dog get a milkbone treat each time from you after her twice a day walk? Then that is what we give her, too. Do you spray your cats’ condo with catnip spray every other day? You guessed it. Then so do we. It’s the attention to all the countless details that matter with Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting. As our motto says, “Where your pets are like family”.  We strive to provide a seamless time away from you, so you come home from your vacation to happy, well-loved and content pets.

Then of course there is play time. Our FAVORITE! Do you want us to throw your dog’s ball 25 times because it’s his favorite activity? Done. Do you want us to let your pups go swimming in the pool every morning? Done. Do your birds like to be sung to? Done (Maybe not well, but with enthusiasm!) Do you want us to drag a ribbon through your cat’s tunnel because stalking is her favorite thing to do? Done and Done!

Still that isn’t all we do. Love and affection is a foregone conclusion with Critter Caretakers Pet Sitters. Your pets can expect to be loved, hugged, snuggled, kissed, chin scratched and belly rubbed with the best of them. For the pet parents, cleaning litter boxes is part of the package. We also remove dog waste from your yard because, well, who wants to come home to poop duty? Not us!

And that STILL isn’t all we do. Critter Caretakers recognizes that developing a relationship where you trust us with your home and pets will take some time. To foster that trust, we send you updates as often as you’d like via phone call or text message. Going out of the country and not available by phone? We’ll email you your updates. And we also detail each visit with your fur-kids by leaving you specific notes, not just a check list, of the exciting things we do together and the humorous things you missed. We even send you pictures so you can see how ridiculously happy your pets are!

But wait there’s more – (we’re the Ginsu knives of pet sitting. HaHa) Once your pets have been pampered par excellence we tend to your house responsibilities as well. We put your trash and recycling out on the designated days; no coming home to stinky litter bags on a hot summer day. Home security is part of what we concern ourselves with, as well. So we set alarms with each visit, just like you do. We also remove flyers, newspapers and business cards tucked into doors; all dead giveaways to would be thieves that no one is home. To that end, we also rotate lights and blinds, another theft deterrent for your property. No need to stop the mail; we’re happy to collect it for you – who needs another extra thing to do before you leave on vacation? Lastly, if you have plants or a garden that needs watering, we can do that, too.

In short, everything you care for that pertains to your pets and home when you are normally there is what we take care of.  Critter Caretakers Pet Sitters have it all covered with a smile on our face so you come home to smiling pets, too.


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