Should You Tip Your Pet Sitter?


Our pet sitters are very committed to caring for your pets and home.  They make sure your furry family are fed, walked, played with, loved, and healthy. They clean up waste, litter boxes and make sure your house is pet tidy when you return. Sometimes when you travel, your pets may get upset so your sitter may have to deal with diarrhea accidents (which could include bathing your pet, especially if they’re crated), upset tummies/pets that throw up, pets who may not be as cooperative in giving medication to as they are with you and pets who won’t eat. Your dog sitter in Chandler may calm frazzled pet nerves because your babies are missing you so much. They may spend extra time earning the trust of your shy cat or dog. If your furbaby is ill, your pet sitter will be sure to get them the vet care they need. Your Chandler pet sitters even let your pets sleep with them on overnights so your fur-kids miss you less! Sometimes your Chandler dog sitter will take a very last minute service request so you can go do something fun that came up.

Pet sitting is a service related industry and as with all service industries, a nice way to say thank you for a job well-done might be to include a tip for your sitter with your payment or when they show up to their first visit. Some clients might prefer to share a tip after the visits are over to be certain the service provided to them was good. That’s great, too. We’re happy to accept tips at the office and pass them on to respective sitters.

Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. If you feel your pet sitter in Chandler did an exceptional job and gave you peace of mind while you were away, and you wish to let them know how much you appreciate the love, care, and personal attention they provide to your homes and fur-babies, why not say thanks with a tip.


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