Overnight Cat Sitting…Really? Really!


Why should the dogs get to have all the fun, right? Sure most people understand the importance of having a sitter there overnight for dog sitting. Dogs often get let out late at night before owners go to bed, might need medications more often than cats, or even need a late night walk. But really does that mean our feline friends don’t deserve the same exceptional treatment? Well, you say, cats don’t need a walk OR to be let outside.

So why would someone want an overnight cat sitter anyway? If your cats are anything like mine, they’re the center of your world. On any given night when I retire to sleep, I can find 3 of my 4 cats on the bed with me. My senior cat, Onyx, likes to tuck herself behind my knees, especially on cooler nights. The 6 year old, Mischief, likes to sleep either smushed up against my body somewhere or directly next to me, and my kitten, Willow, loves to sleep directly on me (which I appreciate for the extra warmth…it’s a win-win). Why would I mention all this? Well, again, if your pets are like mine, they love having a warm body to snuggle up to at night. They appreciate falling asleep warm and content knowing they’re safe and loved. An overnight cat sitter allows us to keep that in place.

And who says cats don’t need as much attention as dogs? Cats love the affection and companionship of their people just as much as dogs. Mine follow me everywhere I go and if I’m on my computer at least 2 are in the room keeping me company. If I’m watching TV, they’re on the couch snuggling with me or up on the back of the sectional watching with me (especially if I’m watching Animal Planet).

Many cat owners, myself included, feed their cat friends twice a day. By hiring an overnight cat sitter, Critter Caretakers can be there to feed them breakfast and dinner, AND tuck them in at night. My answer to why would someone want an overnight cat sitter? Who WOULDN’T want an overnight cat sitter? Smile1 If your furry feline could talk, they’d say they’d love one! Do your cats snuggle with you at night?



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