Top 10 things you shouldn’t feed your dog

Top 10 things you shouldn’t feed your dog

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Let’s face it – we all love to spoil our dogs and give them lots of yummy treats. Sometimes we even enjoy slipping them some table scraps. (It’s hard to resist those big brown eyes, we know!)  However, there are times where we’re giving our canine companions some things that aren’t in our best interest for them! Because we care about the well-being of your furbaby, your Mesa Pet sitters would like to share with you what foods are not safe for dogs.

  1. Chocolate – hopefully everyone knows this one. The cocoa in it is not good for them and if too much is eaten can cause fatal heart problems.
  2. Fish – (who knew?) – Can cause a Thiamine deficiency that may lead to seizures or anorexia. This includes raw, canned or cooked fish. (Although, an *occasional* treat of fresh cooked salmon is ok).
  3. Raw Eggs – Apparently an enzyme in the egg white can cause Vitamin B absorption problems leading to skin and coat problems. (so chocolate cake batter would be a double no-no for your pup)
  4. Avocado – well no more avocado nachos for Fido! Avocado can cause vomiting and diarrhea.
  5. Liver – Large amounts fed to dogs cause a Vitamin A toxicity leading to bone and muscle issues.
  6. Grapes, raisins or currants – Can cause kidney failure.
  7. Garlic, onions, or chives. All 3 can cause anemia due to damage done to red blood cells when ingesting them. And yes, this includes foods prepared with onion or garlic powder, too.
  8. Tea, Coffee, or Caffeine – Due to the substances in these drinks, they can cause major or even fatal heart and nervous system problems. Soooo no espresso now matter how sleepy your dog seems. 🙂
  9. Bones that can splinter. These pieces can be swallowed and cause cuts in your dogs mouth and digestive tract (possibly leading to internal bleeding) and/or cause an obstruction.
  10. Corn on the Cob. Another potential bowel obstruction, due to pieces of the cob.

So what people foods are safe for your pup to feed as a treat? Stay tuned for our next blog post!

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