Where Should I Look For A New Pet?

Where Should I Look For A New Pet?

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Maybe you’ve heard the mantra of the animal activists: Adopt don’t shop.  What is the deal with that anyway?  What does it mean?  Your dog sitter in Chandler wants you to know!  Below are 5 reasons to adopt a rescue animal rather than buy one from a breeder or pet store.

  1.  Mixed-breed animals tend to have less health problems in general than purebred animals.  However, there are still MANY purebred furkids looking for loving homes at your local shelter or rescue.
  2. Pet overpopulation is a MAJOR problem here in Arizona.  After California, we have the second highest rate of euthanasia in the entire country!  By adopting a rescue, you are saving a life that may have otherwise been euthanized or suffered needlessly on the streets.  There are 1000’s of animals looking for a home, and you help make space for another animal in a no-kill shelter by adopting.
  3.  If you find your next furry friend at a pet store or with a breeder, you are supporting puppy mills and backyard breeding where the mom and dad are kept in captivity often in poor conditions and simply used to make more babies.
  4. Adopting is often less costly than purchasing from a pet store or breeder.  Rescued animals usually have been fully “vetted” meaning they have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested, and often microchipped for a nominal adoption fee.  The local pound even has adoption specials frequently where they only charge $17 for an animal!
  5. While a rescue animal may have some emotional baggage from having a difficult life, there is no question that they are exceedingly thankful once they find a forever home.  Once you adopt, you will get to experience that gratitude on a daily basis.

So where might you go to get this rescued pet? Your Chandler dog sitters love to recommend one place in particular – Rescue Pawtique. A fantastic place that rescues perfectly wonderful dog (and cats) from the E-List , or euthanasia list, at the county pound. These are animals who are litterally days if not hours, away from being put to sleep, often just because there are so many animals in the shelters, and more being brought in every day. They’re located in Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa on the second floor between JC Penney and Dillard’s. Consider adopting your next companion here so they can make room for another adoptable pet.  Of course this isn’t the only place to rescue a pet; there are many fine rescues out their – check Facebook,, talk to friends, or ask your Chandler dog sitter for additional recommendations. We strongly believe rescue is the way to go!

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