Hot Weather Games for Your Dog

Hot Weather Games for Your Dog

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We know how HOT it’s getting out there! With the onset of summer, pet parents need ways to keep their dogs exercised, and also safely cool. As your Chandler dog walker and dog sitter, this topic is extremely important, since we do not walk your dogs when the temperature is over 90 degrees. So what can you do when it becomes to hot out to exercise and/or stimulate your dog so they aren’t bored?

An ideal summer activity, of course, is playing in the pool or a lake.  Swimming or just splashing around with your pup is a wonderful way to bond and to exercise your pet. A classic game of fetch is fun for everyone in the pool! There are many different pool pet toys that are light and will float. For unsure swimmers, floating doggie vests are available. Another option is a kiddie pool and a hose; also great fun! One of my furry clients loves to nip at the spray.

Inside the house, you can play some light fetch or ball-as long as your furry friend isn’t like a bull in a china shop! Tug-of-war is great to play inside as well; less objects flying around your furniture. Another great indoor game is to take small pieces of treats, let your dog sniff them, then hide them under some light tupperware containers spread out around the room. Dogs will have to sniff them out to earn the reward. You can even put them under some of the containers, but not all of them; more challenging for your dog. Sometimes I will hide the treats around one room and let the dog find them-a great mental activity for your dog.

chandler dog sitter

Beyer and his pet sitter have some fun indoors despite the heat.

Frozen treats can also be incorporated into play times and can provide some mental stimulation, too. Peanut butter frozen inside a Kong makes for a terrific, long-lasting play treat. Many grocery stores now sell ice cream made for dogs and puppies. They adore these tasty cold treats, and eating them helps your pet to cool off and stay occupied.

There are, of course, still good times to walk your fur kids; early mornings can be cool enough, and lovely for a walk or jog with your pet. But remember anything over 90 is just too hot – surfaces are way to hot for sensitive dog paws. Later in the mornings, one idea is to drive your dog to a local park with lots of grassy areas that won’t burn their feet. (Obviously, go straight there and back-no errands, and never leave the dog in the car!) However your Chandler dog walkers want to remind you, it is still important to keep in mind the outside temperature and the possibility of heat stroke.

I hope that your Chandler dog walker has provided some new ideas for keeping your beloved pet happy and cool this summer! What are some games you play with your pup when it is too hot?


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