How To Prepare For Your Pet Sitting Experience In Gilbert

How To Prepare For Your Pet Sitting Experience In Gilbert

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After all your research you’ve found your perfect Gilbert Pet sitter – we hope Critter Caretakers was top on your pet sitting company list.  Fluffy, your iguana, and Killer and Jaws, your Chihuahuas, are going to be safely cared for while you’re away. The consultation has been done, dates reserved and your bags are ready to be packed.

Now that we’re coming to your home, what can you do to have the best pet sitting experience? First we encourage you to have all the proper pet sitting supplies you will need. That means plenty of food (and treats, if provided), available. Does Fluffy need special bugs flown in from Madagascar for her diet? Please have her favorite beetles stocked in your pantry so we don’t have to try to track them down if she runs out.  Do you have cats? Yep, that means plenty of litter on hand for us to keep their litter box fresh.

Second, be sure to have enough of any medications or supplements that you provide to your pets. Count the number of days you’ll be gone and be sure you not only have enough for your trip, but a few extra for after your return. (We know how hectic life can be after you return from a vacation.)

Before you go make sure your house has been pet proofed. This is especially important for cat sitting clients. Check for things such as dental floss, Q-Tips, rubber bands, errant string, etc. Anything that your feline friend may want to play with if bored, but shouldn’t be, will need to be safely tucked away. We check for these things as your Gilbert pet sitter, but better to give yourself that piece of mind before you head out. Are there any cords that Jaws might find enticing to nibble on while you’re gone? Since we don’t want Jaws to turn into a Pomeranian after getting the shock of his life, get those tucked out of sight.

You may want to consider getting your fur-babies a new toy to play with while you’re gone to ease the loneliness they may feel.  Pets get lonely when you travel!

Generally speaking, this is not a good time to change their diets – ideally no new treats or food should be introduced while you’re gone that may upset their tummy. Our fur-kids sometimes get an upset stomach when you leave, even when they continue on their normal diet, so we discourage switching now.

If at all possible, it’s best to try to plan surgeries, spays, neuters, etc. at least 3 weeks prior to, or even better *after*, your return from your trip. This allows time for them to heal and make sure there are no complications from the procedure. Stress is not good for the healing process for our fur-kids.

Finally, the last thing you want to do is be sure we have the most up to date information to allow us to provide you and your furry, scaly family members the best care possible: updated cell phone information, emergency contact names and any recent vet related information.

Then leave it up to us, the best Gilbert pet sitters out there, to take great care of your fur babies!

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