Hot Weather Fun for Dogs


Let’s face it, summers can be tough here in Arizona. And while it’s technically just barely spring, it’s already getting hot and your pooch still has energy to expel. So unless you are an early riser with a willingness to take them for a pre-sunrise stroll, here are some fun pointers from your Mesa dog sitters, of things you to do with them in your own back yard or the comfort of your air conditioned living room as the temperatures start upward.

1) Frozen toys- This can be anything from regular ice cubes, frozen broth cubes, frozen baby carrots and even frozen peanut butter doggie pops. You can also freeze some peanut butter against their favorite rope tug toy. This, of course, would be best enjoyed outside to avoid making a mess.

2) Wading pool- pick up an inexpensive wading pool from your local discount store for hours of splashing fun! It helps to prevent heat stroke.

3) Food toys- Kong brand makes a nice selection of toys that can be “stuffed” with pumpkin, peanut butter, treats and kibble.  You can also put in some frozen blueberries. Fun to get them out and even more fun to eat!

4) Read to your pets. The volunteers at the Humane Society do it; it’s proven that the relaxing sound of your voice helps relieve stress and boredom. It’s also a great way to bond with your dogs.

5) Play some indoor fetch. Long hallways are helpful if you have one. If you have flight of stairs, you can sit at the top and throw toys/balls down for them to bring back up again. It’s like a StairMaster for your dog.

If you do play with your dog outside, remember the importance of monitoring for heat stroke. These great ideas from your dog sitters in Mesa, should help you out.


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