Why Cost Shouldn’t be Your Only Factor in Hiring a Chandler Pet Sitter

Why Cost Shouldn’t be Your Only Factor in Hiring a Chandler Pet Sitter

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You’ve finally decided to take that dream vacation to Hawaii you’ve always wanted to take. But you have to get someone to take care of your pets, so you start to look at options for your fur family. After careful consideration you feel keeping them at home is your preferred care option. You start to look for an in home Chandler pet sitter and you don’t want to trust just anyone because after all this is your home you are opening up to a total stranger, not to mention caring for your furry babies.

Many times people will shop for pet sitters based on price alone. While I understand everyone has a budget, I truly believe this is a poor way to choose a pet sitter. First of all, if you love your pets, and we know you do, you will want someone to care for them the way you would. That means time, love, attention, exercise and paying attention to the little things that matter to you and your pet like knowing their favorite scratch spot, understanding when they want to be picked up and held, or in a large fur family which pet likes which treat.

Second you are turning over your entire world (alarm codes, community gate codes, your private home, belongings and pets, for whom many of us are like our children) to someone you have never met. The ‘cheaper’ a Chandler dog sitter is, the less likely they are to have important things like insurance and bonding to protect you in case something goes wrong. You will often find pet sitters on Craig’s list willing to do visits for $10 a visit. Are they *really* going to give your pets the superior care and love you want for that cost?

Third, as I’ve mentioned for many of us, our pets are like our kids. If you were shopping for a babysitter, would you choose based on the least expensive one? Of course not – you’d want a dog sitter in Chandler who has plenty of experience (we have an animal EMT and a vet tech on staff), great references (BBB reviews  , Yelp reviews ), and has a reputation for being professional and accountable.

If you are looking for pet sitters in Chandler, and you really want the best for your furry family while being able to vacation with peace of mind and assurance your home and pets are being well looked after, we are the company to call!

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