Quality Pet Sitting vs Quantity Pet Sitting

Quality Pet Sitting vs Quantity Pet Sitting

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Many dog sitting companies out there charge for each visit based on the amount of time they spend with your pets. It could be a quick puppy potty break visit of 15 minutes just to let your pup out to potty (and really what kind of interaction is that for a puppy anyway?), or more typically a 30 minute pet sit visit. Want more time than that? Most pet sitter companies will charge you more money.

At Critter Caretakers, we don’t do any of that. Our visits are based on the quality of the service, NOT the quantity of time spent. We gauge our pet sit visits on the interaction with and needs of all your pets. It’s our goal to make sure all your pets receive some one-on-one attention, interaction, exercise and of course that their physical needs such as food/water are attended to. If your dog is having a fantastic time chasing the ball we’re tossing for them, why should we leave? If your cat has decided to lie on our lap for a snuggle, why should we leave? If your ferret is busily exploring the living room, why should we leave? We don’t!

We do not race off to the next appointment because we have spent the allotted 30 minutes.

Now, our pet sitting company may not be for you. You may only want someone to show up and just let the dogs out and give your pets their food. However, that is not the type of company we are; if that is what you want, perhaps we’re not your best choice.  There are plenty of pet sitters in Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler who will do just that. But Critter Caretakers is not one of them. We are the company you want, when you want *only* the best for your fur-kids. And who wouldn’t? Call us today and treat your pets to the exceptional pet sitting they deserve. See what we mean here.

You’ll wonder what you ever did without us. 

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