Common Misconceptions about Cat Sitting

Common Misconceptions about Cat Sitting

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Your Chandler cat sitter pet sits for many different cat clients. And in our experience we have found that there are some common misconceptions about cat sitting in general. Here they are:

1) We can just leave a bunch of food and extra water for our cat and he’ll be okay for a few days.  (People say, “We do it all the time.”) Sad to say, this is completely off base. Cats can get really, really sick in a matter of just a couple days, especially if you have a male cat. Male cats are prone to urethra blockages and these can and often do turn deadly. Even some cats who are taken to the vet when their owners are *home* do not make it with this illness.  Reality is your cat deserves to be checked on!


Please don’t leave me home alone for days – I miss you!

2) Cats don’t need to be visited every day. Similar to the above, aside from potential illness, cats will dump their water bowls (even sturdy auto water dispensers), stop eating, get themselves behind dryers, tangled up in something they shouldn’t, swallow things they shouldn’t and all sorts of other things. All of these examples have either happened to our clients, or other client’s of pet sitters we network with – and that’s just the cat! 

What if your air conditioning goes out in the middle of July? Yes, it’s happened, twice – we had to get our clients air fixed when their A/C went out and their house was 93 degrees. Luckily we were doing daily visits, otherwise we would’ve walked in on 4 cats in heat distress or worse! What if a monsoon knocks power out on your block while you’re gone? Yes it’s happened – we took the kitties home because their house was 90 degrees and we didn’t know when power was going to come back on.

3) Cat sitting is easy and anyone can do it. This is both true and false. It depends on what you want for your cat. Sure anyone can show up for 10 minutes, put down food and water, and scoop a litter box (IF they’re willing to do it. – Many people call us after asking a friend to care for their cats and they’ve come home to an unclean litter box!) Cats hide illness very well and as professional cat sitters in Chandler, we pay attention to things like how much water is being drunk to avoid dehydration, if your cat is eating and how much, what’s going on in their litter box (blood in their bowel movements, loose stools, too much urine in the box which is a sign of poor health.) These are *not* things your next door neighbor will probably notice or comment on.  Your cats health and emotional well-being are top of our priority list!

When you love your cats and they’re part of your family, we encourage you to choose a professional Chandler pet sitter for your cat instead of relying on friends and family, or just leaving them for days with no care. Our cat sitting rates are very reasonable for the level of care we provide to your furry felines, and the peace of mind you have is priceless.  




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