The “DANGERS” of Using Our Pet Sitting Company


We always want to be honest with our clients and potential future clients. And, well, we may NOT be the right pet sitting company for you! That’s right-you read that correctly. We may not be right for you. In fact, to be fair, we want to tell you of the dangers of choosing us as your Pet Sitters!

First, we recognize that some dogs don’t like having their bellies rubbed (granted it’s only approximately .07% of the dog population, but to be fair to that .07% we wanted to warn you)  If your dog is part of that small minority population, then for goodness sake, don’t call us! Your dog will receive plenty of belly rubs from your Chandler dog sitter.

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Second, your pets may get more than the FDA regulated legally recognized healthy dose of kisses. Yes it’s true, your pets may possibly be kiss overdosed by your Chandler Pet Sitter…

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Third, Please do *not* consider hiring us if you prefer your pet not to have fun or be treated like family.  Our sitters see our client’s pets as extended furry family members and we’d hate to confuse your pets’ identity. Pet Therapy is not covered under our insurance policy…

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Finally, understanding that some pets just aren’t lap pets, be forewarned that we do our best to give plenty of lap love time. If your pet is not a lap and love enjoyer, well, we’re definitely not for you.

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Hiring a pet sitter in Chandler is not a decision to be taken lightly so please carefully consider these dangers before hiring us. If however, your pet likes to live “on the edge” then by all means, call us at (480)553-0105.



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