What’s The Big Deal About a “Professional” Pet Sitter?

What’s The Big Deal About a “Professional” Pet Sitter?

professiona pet sitter woman Critter Caretakers Pet Services What's The Big Deal About a "Professional" Pet Sitter?

What’s all this talk about a ‘professional’ pet sitter? Come on now…  “anyone” can be a pet sitter, right? After all pet sitters spend all day long in fields of soft, green grass with rainbows in the background, just playing with puppies and kittens, right? Ummmm, NO.

  • What your professional pet sitter does is makes sure your cat’s hairballs are cleaned up and off the rug while checking them for things like string, blood and anything else that would indicate a potential issue to keep an eye on.
  • Your professional pet sitter makes sure we have tricks up our sleeve to feed your dog if it won’t eat as opposed to just saying, well, he’ll eat when he’s hungry.
  • Your professional pet sitter watches the elimination habits of your pets and notices things like too much urine in litter boxes and loose stools.
  • We are on the look out for and make recommendations regarding potential health issues  (one of our client’s cats had diabetes; unbeknownst to the client, and we pointed out that there was far too much urine in the litter box for kitty – turns out, we were correct and the cat is now receiving insulin injections to treat the diabetes).
  • If water bowls are overturned or cats lock themselves in closets, we’ll check for dehydration. Would your next door neighbor’s son know to do that, or how?
  • Your professional pet sitter does a head count for hiding pets and makes sure they’re okay instead of just saying well, the food is being eaten so they must be fine.
  • Your professional pet sitter will take your pet to the vet if we believe there is an emergency situation. Would your family members have the understanding of what constituted something that needed to be treated right away versus letting it go for a week till you return, or the time to take your pet in? Many things can’t wait a week.
  • Your professional pet sitter makes sure your pets are getting ample exercise so they are not bored or destructive to your home.
  • We also handle emergency home situations. Power outages,  air conditioning units that go out during vacations being fixed, and lockouts – just a few of the home situations we’ve handled while clients were out of town.

So you see, you’re getting far more than ‘just’ someone who comes in, puts food/water down, spends 10 minutes, and pats your pet on the head, then leaves. Your professional Mesa pet sitter takes every aspect of your pet’s health and emotional well being into account when we care for your furbabies!

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