Top 15 Worst Dog Foods

Top 15 Worst Dog Foods

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Did you know that most commercial pet foods sit on a warehouse shelf for 6-18 MONTHS before it even reaches store shelves??!!  Really it’s a pity what companies are passing off as nutritious and healthy foods for dogs on the market these days.

Dog food needs to have a highly digestible meat protein as one of the top 5 main ingredients. The majority of commercial brand foods have corn meal, ground yellow corn, meat and bone meal or by-product meal as one of their first three ingredients. No nutritional value in these at all and a *major* cause of allergies in many dogs.

In addition to providing our Mesa dog sitting clients with a wealth of information on ingredients to avoid feeding your dogs, it lists the top 15 worst dog foods to feed your pets. Some of them are actually killing dogs within a couple weeks of eating them, causing severe kidney and liver damage and a whole host of other illnesses. The top food listed, Beneful Dog Food, is one I have spoken of before.  There are currently over 600 consumer complaints against this dog food!! I have stopped complete strangers in stores I see buying the food to encourage them *not* to buy it!

Unfortunately for consumers, these companies are not in the business of providing the best pet nutrition out there. They’re in it for the money which means cheap, poor food products that don’t cost the company a lot of money to put together, but will yield a high return on their pocket books. Please do your homework and learn to read labels. Your Mesa pet sitter enjoys spending time with your dogs, just as much as you do!

If you’re looking for some great alternatives, and more detailed information on healthier options for your pooch, head on over to:

Otherwise, you can find the information on foods to avoid for the health of your dog below.

Here they are. The top 15 worst dog foods:

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