What Kinds Of Pets Do We Pet Sit For?

What Kinds Of Pets Do We Pet Sit For?

ferret black white Critter Caretakers Pet Services What Kinds Of Pets Do We Pet Sit For?

Of course the most common pets we sit for are dogs and cats. But people have lots of different kinds of pets, not just cats and dogs.  We’ve also had the pleasure of watching many kinds of birds. Meet Duncan:


So what are some other more unusual pets we’ve sat for? Well, your Gilbert pet sitter has sat for ferrets and we adore ferrets. They make fantastic pets, are very fun, lively and a constant source of entertainment. They’re like having a permanent kitten. But beware, ferrets have a particular musky smell that not all people can handle, and they need a lot of exercise and stimulation. If you want a pet that will just be cute in its cage, a ferret is not for you! Here you can find a great picture of Boomer, one of our ferret clients, in a rare moment of ferret stillness.


What other pets have we watched? We actually have quite a few clients who have chickens. Yup, chicken sitters! We enjoyed watching them peck around their yards and gobble up their corn scratch and seeds. Here you can find a picture of ‘The Spice Girls’ doing their “chicken thang”. Bonus for us, we were allowed to keep the delicious eggs we collected!













Recently we got a new client who has a wonderful tortoise garden. The 5 tortoises have quite the set-up and we can now proudly add tortoise sitters to our resume.


But perhaps the most unusual to date pet sitting in Gilbert we’ve done was for a family that was keeping a growing duck in their house for the time being. As part of our pet sitting duties, we had to fill the kitchen sink and allow her some swim time. It was quite adorable and good for many giggles. Here she is:


No matter what kind of pet sitter you need in Gilbert, chances are we’ve cared for your type of pets and we’d love to add them to our surrogate Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting family.

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