Dog Walking In Arizona – Not Like Other Places


Well it’s getting to be that time again. We’re just barely in to the month of May and triple digits are already on those of us here in Arizona. As dog walkers in Mesa and Gilbert, we need to pay attention to those temperatures. Did you know that unlike other states, not all weather is ok to walk your dog in here? So, how does your dog walker, or you, know when it is too hot to walk your dog in Arizona?

We tell our clients (and sitters) to do the pavement test. If you hold your hand to the pavement, sidewalk, street, etc. for 5-7 seconds and it feels too hot to your hand, then it is too hot to walk your dog. Your dogs paw pads can, and will, burn. Don’t believe us? Try walking barefoot on the sidewalk you want to take your pup on. You’ll be doing the hot coal dance in no time! Generally speaking if the temperature is consistently over 90 degrees several days in a row, it is too hot to walk your dog during the day.

Well what’s a doggone dog to do? A dog still needs her exercise so we advise dog walking in the early morning hours between 6 and 10 a.m. before surfaces become too hot, or after the sun has been down for a half hour allowing time for the surfaces to cool a bit. If you must walk your dog during the day stay on grassy areas only.

In addition to the streets and sidewalks being too warm, there is the potential risk of heat stroke or heat exhaustion occurring for your dog if you walk them in hot weather. Keep in mind our fur-kids are exercising in, well, FUR. I often see well-meaning pet lovers bike riding or running with their pup in too warm weather. The dog is usually keeping up just fine, but at what potential risk to their physical well-being? Consider putting on a heavy winter jacket before your bike ride and see what we mean.

Always be aware of outside temperatures for your dog when you are walking them or outdoors for an extended period of time. Arizona heat is not like anywhere else.


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