How to be the Best Client for your Chandler Pet Sitter

How to be the Best Client for your Chandler Pet Sitter

Ok we admit it, pet sitting isn’t rocket science.  It’s about a love for animals, attention to detail, plus the ability to take cute pictures and communicate well with clients – the office doesn’t hurt either. 🙂 However, it isn’t always “a walk in the park” so to speak!  There are a few things you can do to help your pet sitters in Chandler do their jobs better.  By following these suggestions we will have more time and energy for your furkids, and isn’t it all about them anyway?

Please leave supplies in the locations where you told us they would be during our consultation.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to hunt around for garbage bags, paper plates, carpet spray, etc.  So if you mentioned you would pull everything out and put in on the counter, please be sure to do that for us! It sure saves us time to have immediate access to needed supplies.

Also have extras on hand of things you may run out of like food, litter, paper towels, and plastic bags so that we don’t panic when we don’t have enough.  And trust me, we do panic and we do bring things from home to accommodate your furry family members. Imagine our embarrassment when we have no poop bags to clean up after your dog on a walk. Yikes!

If you have dogs, it helps immensely to own a pooper scooper.  You know, that set of rake or shovel-looking tools that save your back when you have 100 piles of dog poop to pick up?  It makes our jobs so much easier when we can use that instead of picking up everything by hand.

-On the topic of poop patrol, your pet sitters in Chandler appreciate it greatly when we can visit your pups without having to worry about extra, old waste in your yard that was already there when our services began. Knowing how often we go the extra mile, we WILL worry about it and WILL try and pick it all up even if it kills us!  To also help make our jobs easier, keep your grass cut so we and the pups aren’t wading through the Amazon Forest each time someone poops. 😀

And most importantly – communicate.  If you remember something we might need to know, don’t be afraid to send us a text, leave a note, or give us a call.  We value being kept in the loop on everything pet, plant, or house-related so we can better care for your kiddos.  We also love getting a response when we text you daily updates so we know for sure you received the message! We get nervous if we don’t hear a simple thanks response from you and wonder…are they getting this text? Do they know I’m taking awesome care of their fur-kids?

Another aspect of communication, be open to feedback.  Several of us have backgrounds in animal care, pet health food, or even knowledge of animal medical problems and treatment.  We often see concerning things with our clients’ pets and genuinely want to help or give suggestions that we know might work.  Don’t be afraid to ask us for advice and please know we honestly care and want to make your critter happy if we offer recommendations or suggestions.

Lastly, remember that just as in any service profession your Chandler pet sitters really appreciate tips!  We work very hard to give your furry children the utmost in care and often spend extra time cleaning before you come home so your house is in great shape.  I know sometimes I am cleaning for an hour on my last visit to be sure everything is spotless for your arrival!  We always appreciate anything you might want to give above and beyond your invoice payment to show your gratitude for a job well done by your sitter.

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