Why Should You Hire a Tempe Dog Walker?

Why Should You Hire a Tempe Dog Walker?

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If you have ever had a puppy you know when they become bored, they become destructive.  Dogs need frequent potty-breaks and/or trips outside, toys, things to chew on, a playmate, or an activity of some sort to stay occupied.  Although a puppy usually calms down as he grows older, he still needs activity and somewhere to focus his attention.  Daily walks with Tempe dog walkers can be just the cure to boredom, separation anxiety, and destructiveness. 

This dog sitter in Tempe has been walking a senior pooch named Reggie 5 days a week since September, and her human mama can attest to the difference it has made in her behavior!  Since her mom works long hours, Reggie loves her mid-day visits from her dog walker.  She is always ready and waiting with a toy in her mouth when she hears her sitter arrive, and happily dons her harness to head out.  

Reggie says, "Yay my dog walker is here; let's play!"

Reggie says, “Yay my dog walker is here; let’s play!”

This rescue pup has lots of sniffing to do on her 30-minute walk!  There are cats to find and dogs behind fences to taunt.  The mailman needs to be supervised, of course, and any pedestrians or neighbors need greeting. Reggie’s Tempe dog sitter reinforces her training such as making her sit when she gets too excited around other dogs and pulls on her leash.  Lucky Reggie gets treats back at home, enjoys it when her squeaky toys are squeaked, and runs away only to come running right back to carry them off again in her mouth.

Her mom reports that Reggie is less anxious, needy, and is much happier since she started services with her dog walker in Tempe.  Reggie is not destructive and apparently enjoys her trips around the block each day. Don’t tell anyone, but so does her dog walker!

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