A Day in the Life of a Pet Sitter in Tempe

A Day in the Life of a Pet Sitter in Tempe

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A typical day in the life of your Tempe pet sitter can vary widely.  Some sitters have regular clients 5 days a week, such as dog-walking while mom and dad are at work Monday through Friday, or puppy visits for potty breaks and a walk 3 times a week.  So in that case, it’s wake up, roll out of bed, throw on some walking shoes, and head to the first visit!  Fortunately, the critters don’t mind if we still have bedhead.  =)  We check in when we arrive at the visit via a smartphone application and mark it complete in our online LeashTime software system when we’re finished.  We send cute or silly text messages and pictures with updates to moms and dads sometimes taking a dozen shots before we get just the right photo.  It can be more difficult than you think to get a happy, wagging puppy to sit still for a clear photo!

If the pet sitter has a short-term visit 2 times a day while the family is on vacation, then it’s waking up early and traveling to go let pups out or feed some kitties and maybe give medication or going on a walk.  After that, it’s anybody’s guess as to how the day will pan out.  Maybe another visit, errands, back home, or off to a part time or full time job. If the sitter has mid-day visits, then we head out for that walk or feeding, scooping poop and giving belly rubs or chin scratches merrily as we go.  Next we might make a call to schedule a new client consultation, touch base with the office, or input information or notes on a furkid so we have a reminder later.

We are often checking our schedules to be sure we make it to visits on time or see what our availability is for future client needs as they arise.  In the evenings, your Tempe petsitter can have more visits to again walk or feed, administer medication, and give love to our surrogate critter family.  We try and keep a consistent schedule if at all possible so breakfast and dinner are at the same time as the dog or cat usually eats.  More wags and purrs ensue as we make the rounds to our evening visits and talk to your pets while we care for them.  Every day is different, but one thing never changes: We love what we do!

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