When Do Friends, Family and the Holidays Not Go Together?


Well it’s nearly that time again…the holidays are just around the corner. In most cases, the holidays are so great, exciting and wonderful, right? We agree!  However, there are some instances when friends and family might not be what you’re looking for…and in that case, we’re talking about pet sitting in Mesa, of course!

Picture this, you’ve bought your tickets, your presents are wrapped to take to loved ones you’re visiting, you’ve bought a new dress for your party, and you got your friend, (daughter, neighbor, etc.), to come check on your 2 dogs, and cat. All your bases are covered and away you go to spend what you believe will be a relaxing time with people you love.

What's mom and dad getting you for Christmas? A pet sitter who will be there for you!

What’s mom and dad getting you for Christmas? A pet sitter who will be there for you!

What could possibly go wrong? Sadly, plenty. We’ve heard many stories of people who set up just such a scenario and then things quickly went south. 🙁  Understand your friends and family are super busy…it’s the holidays remember? Everyone’s running around going to parties, doing shopping, making baked goods, attending holiday events, and your beloved pets, the kids in fur you absolutely adore, fall through the cracks. It might go something like this:

11 o’clock at night conversation between your friend and her husband:

Her: You stopped by Kim’s house earlier around 8 to let the dogs out and feed them, right?

Him: What? No, you said you were going to do that.

Her: No, that was yesterday. I couldn’t tonight because Sarah’s Christmas pageant costume needed to be finished for tomorrow, remember? When did you go over there last?

Him: Um, I think it was this morning around 10.

Her: Oh – my – gosh…. so they race over to their friends house to discover urine and poop on their carpet since the dogs hadn’t been out in 13 hours and an overturned garbage can because the dogs are super hungry. Now they have a mess to clean up, you probably have a stained carpet and a potential strain your friendship.

Sometimes our friends and family agree to take on pet care without realizing how much is involved a.k.a medication administration, walking the dogs so they aren’t destructive, keeping an eye on a pet’s health, etc.

We have gotten calls from clients in the middle of their trip in a panic because they couldn’t get hold of the person who was supposed to be watching their pets when they opted to use a friend vs. using our services to save some money.  That won’t happen with us! We send you text updates and pictures so you can see how well taken care of your pets are and that we’re being accountable for each visit.  Imagine trying to set up pet services while you’re on vacation. That’s what our client was doing when she called us.

I can’t emphasize enough, especially during the very busy holiday time, how important it is to have a professional in place for your pet’s care. No one wants to be stressing over whether or not their fur-kids are being taken care of, if the litter box is being cleaned, if your pet is receiving their medications.

Ho-Ho-Hope you call us to be your Mesa Pet Sitter instead of using friends or family! The extra peace of mind it brings is absolutely priceless.


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