How to Administer Medication to Dogs


Often, our dogs become sick, injured, or need medications or supplements to be more comfortable. Your Tempe pet sitters have learned a variety of tips and tricks to get furkids to take their medications!

–          Wrap the pill in a tasty treat.  A slice of lunch meat, some cheese, or a piece of hot dog may do the trick. If you have a picky pup that can tell you’re trying to give him or her a pill, try handing out treats without anything in them occasionally so there is no suspicion at medication time. One client successfully uses peanut butter spread on a Milkbone with the pill hidden in the peanut butter.

–          Try some wet food.  Many dogs who eat dry kibble daily LOVE a scoop of wet food and will eat it without hesitation.  This works for my personal dog who takes 3 medications a day to control his seizures and allergies.  All I do is press the pills into a spoonful of wet food, and he eats it right up!

–          Try flavored meds/supplements.  Some supplements are meat flavored such as joint supplements for arthritic dogs or heartworm preventative chews. In this case, your pup may eat the medication without any coaxing.  This always makes the job easier.

–          Put pill directly in dog’s mouth. Some dogs will not take medication regardless of how tasty you make it such as a sick dog who refuses to eat anything.  You may have to place the pill inside the pup’s mouth at the back near the throat then gently hold the muzzle shut with one hand.  Simultaneously, rub the dog’s throat with your other hand until he or she swallows the pill.  Be persistent!  If you see your pup lick his or her lips it usually means success. But be sure to check that your fur kid has definitely swallowed the pill or you may find it later on the floor.

Keep in mind these ideas should all be taken under veterinary advisement.  How do you get your pooch to take a medication?  Your Tempe pet sitter wants to know!



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