When Is A Gilbert Pet Sitter NOT A Pet Sitter?


We wear lots of different hats when we work as pet sitters in Gilbert: poop scooper, hairball cleaner-upper, dog walker, head kisser, and cuddle giver. But occasionally we get to step out of those roles and fill another. Animal rescue networker!!!!

I have two great stories to share. The first involves one of our clients who found a pregnant feral cat. He didn’t want mom to have the kittens outdoors in the summer heat so he asked if I could help connect him with any rescues. While in the process of us trying to find a rescue for him, momma had her kittens in his house. With four of his own, he couldn’t keep any of them.

Meanwhile, another client had recently had to put her beloved companion to sleep due to kidney failure. So I put on my thinking cap and asked her if she’d be interested in fostering momma and her kittens until they could be connected to a shelter. She agreed! Well 8 weeks later, she’d decided she didn’t want to put the feral mom back on the streets and she kept mom, now Josie, and one of the kittens, now Squeak! How great is that? 3 of the 5 kittens were adopted straight from her foster and the other 2 are being adopted out through PetCo and the Arizona Animal Welfare League, a no kill shelter. Here is a picture of Josie and Squeak happy and safe off the streets in their new home (and loving it – I might add!)


My other story involves a similar situation. One of my Facebook friends who does foster work for MCAAC had been feeding a stray cat for a couple weeks. She was convinced that someone had abandoned the cat because it was very friendly, came over for pets all the time, wanted inside desperately and was frightened of cars and noise. She posted that she was trying to find a home for it (she couldn’t take the cat herself because she had 5 foster dogs already in her home and no place to keep the cat.)  Well lo and behold, one of our other clients contacted me a few days prior saying she was looking for a companion for her cat. I connected the two and the rest as they say is history. Here is our client with her very happy, and seriously relieved to be back off the streets, new cat she named Pez.

We love being your Gilbert pet sitters, but we also love being able to contribute to animal rescue. Remember, we care about all pets, not just our clients’!


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