What Is Animal Communication?

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As a pet sitter, clients sometimes ask my opinion on important matters regarding their pets. In answer to some of their questions, I might recommend contacting an animal communicator.

In the last year, I got to experience first hand what animal communication is. First I can tell you, it is real. Animals, like people, have thoughts, feelings, fears, emotions, wants and needs. Using an animal communicator, someone who can ‘talk’ to animals, allows us to get in touch with our animal friends through the communicator and find out what they need.

Why use an animal communicator?

There are many reasons you might need an animal communicator. Perhaps your pet is having some health issues and you’d like to hear from your pet what is going on in their body. I’m very intuitive myself and knew something was off with my senior cat when she was using her litter box. I had  a feeling she was having trouble going to the bathroom and when I contacted the animal communicator, she confirmed for me that my cat Onyx, was indeed having constipation issues.

You might like to use one to find out a behavioral issue your pet is having. Perhaps your cat is peeing outside it’s litter box. Maybe your dog has always loved spending her afternoons in the backyard in the sun and suddenly, now she refuses to go out in the backyard for ANY reason. An animal communicator can tell you why. Maybe she was stung by a bee or bit by something. Maybe someone threw something at her while she was out and you were at work.

Finally your pet might be having some emotional issues. Maybe your dog goes berserk when you leave the house and tears everything up. Maybe she is afraid you’re abandoning her like her last owners did at the shelter. An animal communicator can not only explain why our dog is reacting emotionally, but can also communicate to them to console and explain things to them that they are safe and loved and everything is ok.

There really are a myriad of reasons to use a communicator! 

What does an animal communicator do?

According to Ann, the animal communicator I’ve used and recommended:  Animal Communication is a telepathic (emotions/thoughts/perspectives at a distance) connection with your animal. It is their natural way of communicating-their native language so to speak.

I receive the answers to your queries of the animals in many different forms primarily as pictures/hearing/sensations/emotions/symbols/direct knowing, etc. Then, I translate what I receive into English.

How does animal communication work?

Ann says: I ask for a brief description of your animal (name, type of animal, breed, sex, age and identifying marks) so we are speaking to the correct fur, scale or feather person, since there are usually more than one animal surrounding a person.  It does not matter how many animals we speak with during our time as long as we are respectful of what they want to convey.

I ask that you gather all of your questions together so we don’t miss something you were curious about in the midst of following the answers. For example, the questions can be about physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or relationship issues.

I asked Ann to share a little about her experience as an animal communicator with  me for this blog and she says:

I have been communicating with the natural world since I was a child. I remember having effortless telepathic connections with our horses and other animals in the woods throughout my childhood. My family had three horses in a farm pasture which the local horse trader also used. Horses of all types, sizes and temperaments were constantly coming and going. I’d walk into the group of mostly unknown-to-me horses with a bucket of grain for our horses. I would maneuver my way around the other horses by “hearing” what they were thinking in order to make it safely to our three. This happened so naturally, I had no idea it wasn’t what “everyone” was able to do.

After a long career as an Early Childhood Educator, I became a professional Animal Communicator in Fall 2000. My goal as an Interspecies Communicator is to open a heart-centered conversational dialog to assist animals and humans in creating a harmonious multi-species household.

How can I get in touch with the animal communicator?

Ann does sessions from her phone and needs nothing more than a description and the name of your pet to communicate with your pets. As mentioned I have used her and recommended her to others who were pleased with their results. She helped me out a lot with the questions and issues I was having; I plan on using her again. She can be reached at:

Ann M Baumbach
6660 Licking Pike
Cold Spring, KY 41076
(859) 781-5546
Email: annbaumbach1@insightbb.com

If you use her please let us know your experiences.


4 thoughts on “What Is Animal Communication?”

  1. Laura Raihle says:

    Ann Baumbach is a wonderful,loving,caring animal communicator. She has helped me many times communicate with my cats using her gift. She has been spot-on every time and is not a phony. Love ya Ann!!

    1. Dawn says:

      Agreed Laura, I just recently had another session with her. She is great. 🙂

  2. Arya Smith says:

    Thanks for helping me understand that an animal communicator helps the owner of the pet to understand what they are trying to say at a distance. I got really curious about the job that they do especially that my sister plans to take her pet to such an expert. From what I know, her goal for this is to understand why her dog is doing the kind of behavior that it does everytime she brings her boyfriend in her house.

  3. Tamara says:

    Wow Ann is amazing. She helped me through cancer with my dog Dixie for 6 years! I can’t say enough good things about her. I have recommend her to so many friends and they have recommended her to many others. She is the real deal!.

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