Dog Sitter in Mesa Discusses 2016 Beneful Recall 

Dog Sitter in Mesa Discusses 2016 Beneful Recall 

purina beneful logo Critter Caretakers Pet Services Dog Sitter in Mesa Discusses 2016 Beneful Recall 

I’m not a huge fan of the Purina Brand Beneful food in general; in fact at a new client consultation if I notice that they feed pets Beneful, I will often warn pet parents of the danger of feeding it to their beloved family members.

I’ve written a blog on this previously in January of 2013 –

at that time there were over 400 complaints from unhappy pet parents who strongly felt that their dog(s) had major health complications and in fact died from feeding their pet this food. To date, there are now over 1600 complaints against the food! It has caused liver failure, kidney failure, stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting and a host of other illnesses.  In some cases dogs die within a couple weeks of consuming  Beneful brand.

The lure in this food is that there are often coupons in the local paper helping unknowing consumers ‘save money’. However, when your dog gets sick and you have to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on getting your pet well, and *hope* they fully recover, the savings are not worth it. Please take the time to read the often heartbreaking comments in the complaint section of the blog above!  Many people attribute their dog’s death to eating this food. 🙁

Now Purina is voluntarily recalling some of their wet food due to the food not having sufficient vitamins and minerals for proper pet nutrition.

For full details on the recall and which lots are effected, please see this link – better yet do yourself a favor, please throw the food out and explore other food brands.  Your dog sitter in Mesa is happy to suggest alternative dog foods:

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