If cats had opposable thumbs…

If cats had opposable thumbs…

tabby cat licking paw Critter Caretakers Pet Services If cats had opposable thumbs…

We cat people really love our cats! I mean, my 4 cats have more toys to play with, and things to climb on, than I did when I was growing up! OK, maybe not really, but they are quite spoiled.

As cat sitters in Gilbert, we lovvvve to spoil our cat sitting furry clients, too, with a ridiculous amount of love, affection, play time, lap time (if they’re so inclined), and yes, treats.  We adore when they come over and give us a head bonk because they’re so comfortable with us. Nothing makes us happier than figuring out which particular spot: under the chin, behind the ears, or in front of their tail, is “The Sweet Spot”.  As professional cat sitters, we know that most felines do *not* like their belly rubbed unlike our dog sitting clients!

So if your cat had opposable thumbs and could text you while you’re away…you’d most likely receive text messages like this:

“This pet sitter is paws down, the best cat sitter I’ve ever had. She found my Sweet Spot on day two! Your ex-boyfriend couldn’t figure it out after 6 months.”

“Mom, did you know that my cat sitter brought a ribbon for me to play with? I promised her I wouldn’t mention the catnip, though – oops.”

“Wow, our litter box has never been cleaner. She even swept up the litter we worked so hard to chuck out of our box. We’re impressed.” (And that’s saying a lot coming from a cat)

“Don’t bother coming home, you’ve been replaced.” (no, no, no of COURSE your cat wouldn’t text that to you! We just really love our cat sitting jobs.)

So if you need a professional cat sitter in Gilbert, we know you, and as importantly, your cats, will be most impressed with Critter Caretakers.


Give us a call today at (480)553-0105 and let us add you to our growing surrogate pet family. 

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