Why this Chandler pet sitter doesn’t post our rates

Why this Chandler pet sitter doesn’t post our rates

dawn profile e1564768600702 Critter Caretakers Pet Services Why this Chandler pet sitter doesn't post our rates

When I answer the phone to address potential client questions about our services, many times price is one of the first things that is addressed. You see, this Chandler pet sitting company doesn’t post our rates on our website. Yes, we know, you say. WHY is that?

Well to use an analogy let’s look at someone wanting to buy a pizza. You’re hungry; you’re craving pizza so you go online to find a good pizza place. You find one and the pictures on the website make the pizza look really tasty! However, upon going  straight to prices without any closer website inspection, you see that a large plain cheese pizza costs $30. What? Are you crazy? I’m not paying $30 for a pizza. That’s ridiculous. And you close out of the website without giving it another thought.

Had you picked up the phone, you might’ve found out that the $30 pizza is made with only healthy organic ingredients and award winning cheeses, that they make their pizza sauce fresh *daily* and any sauce left over at the end of the day is thrown out because they only want freshly made sauce gracing their pizza. Finally this is an award winning pizza recipe with 3 awards to its name and a patented recipe. But you may not get all that just from a price if you don’t explore the website or get to talk to someone. You didn’t understand the value you were getting – you only saw the price.

So how does this apply to pet sitting? Well my point is, when looking for pet sitters in Chandler, that is exactly the same kind of thing you may do if you *just* see a price list. You won’t know all the inherent value we’ve created with our professional Chandler pet sitters. You may not have seen that we send daily text messages and pictures to our clients. You may not have read all the 5 star reviews we have posted on multiple places like Google, Yelp and the BBB site. You may not know we have sitters on staff that provide us with extra medical knowledge. In other words, you may not understand all the different incredibly valuable ways we provide peace of mind to you and care to your pets and so on…
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We can tell you our rates start at $23 a visit depending on services you need and care options you may choose. But because we want you to truly understand the value of what we provide, we prefer to talk to you on the phone. That’s why these Chandler Pet Sitters do not post their rates. 

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