Cat Boarding vs Cat Pet Sitting


All cats are not created equal. Different cats have different pet care needs, but generally speaking, Critter Caretakers encourages pet owners in Gilbert to choose in home cat sitting for their feline friends rather than cat boarding. Why? Well for one, cats are creatures of habit and any kind of change absolutely freaks them out. Think about when you put in a new piece of furniture or even a lamp. What do they do? They have to caaaauuutiously approach it, sniff it, walk around it 3 or 4 times to see every angle of it, and paw at it to make sure it’s ‘safe’.

Cats are highly “allergic” to anything new and different. They thrive in familiarity, especially emotionally. When we choose to put our cats in a cat kennel or boarding facility, cats maintain a high state of alert and vigilance because nothing is familiar, comforting, or smells like what they’re used to.  And if cats are in a kennel with other dogs, the smells and noise are very disconcerting to their sense of well being.

Additionally, cats are very finicky when it comes to their litter boxes. Even by changing the type of litter you use, some cats get upset and will mark. Moving their litter box to another place altogether is basically a cat Defcon One. Imagine what they’re thinking if it isn’t even THEIR litter box in a cat kennel. (They’re thinking, as soon as I get home, I’m double marking my litter box, and possibly your sheets and carpets and bathroom rugs and, well you get the idea.)

Home is where our cat friends are happiest. It’s quiet, they have their favorite spots to lie in the sun, they eat their own yummy food from their own bowls, their favorite mouse is there, and even though you aren’t there, your smell is.

Now of course there are times when a cat boarding facility is an ideal choice for your cat. If your cat has recently had surgery or is in the middle of a serious illness, then that is the perfect and best time to board your feline fur kid. Some pet sitting companies can provide a great deal of medical care to your cats. Critter Caretakers can administer Sub-Q fluids and insulin injections, but if you need a higher level of medical care to maintain the health of your pet, then a boarding care facility is an exceptional choice. But generally speaking, for our healthy furry friends we recommend a cat sitter in the comfort and safety of their own home. Choose in home cat sitting for your kitty so you don’t come home to this:



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  1. It’s good to know more about cat boarding and cat sitting. I think we want to take our cat to a boarding facility when we travel. She is going to have surgery right before we leave, so, like you said, that’s a good time to board her.

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