How Can I Bond With My Cat More?

How Can I Bond With My Cat More?

cat black white bonding stroke Critter Caretakers Pet Services How Can I Bond With My Cat More?

Many people think that cats are boring. Well as the mom of 4, I can assure you they’re just as entertaining, social and wonderful as dogs. But they don’t DO anything you say…well my answer to that is maybe you aren’t doing the right “cat things” with them. 🙂

Cats are highly social and playful; you just gotta know what is entertaining to THEM. So without further ado, here are some of the games your Mesa cat sitter plays with your cats and ways you can bond with your furry felines:

1) Ribbons – cats love to chase things and a nice, inexpensive piece of ribbon will do the trick. I have a piece of ribbon I bring with me to every cat sit I do and drag it on the ground and around walls, flip in the air with cats, and ‘drop’ on top of them so they can get all rolled up in it. A top cat game favorite you can pick up a nice 3 foot length of ribbon for next to nothing at any craft store.

"OMG she brought the ribbon again" - Clio

“OMG she brought the ribbon again” – Clio2) Paper wads – These are great especially if you have tile or wooden floors. They love the sound the paper makes and they can flip them around the floor themselves once they ‘catch’ them.

3) Catnip and newspaper – Again playing on the sound, sprinkle a little catnip flakes on a flat piece of newspaper and watch your cats go nuts.

4) Putting your hand underneath a blanket and wiggling your fingers. Cats lovvvveeee to stalk and hunt. This gives them a great chance to do that. Be sure to watch for the pounce though otherwise you’re likely to get scratched.

5) Ping Pong balls – this is a great toy for your cat because the Ping Pong balls are very bouncy. This gives them a chance to jump in the air at their ‘prey’. Obviously these don’t work on a carpeted area.

6) Peacock feathers – These drive cats crazy because they love the feathery aspect of the play. The longer feathers can be dragged on the floor and/or shaken in the air so cats can jump at them!

7) Any box – we all know cats love boxes. There are so many games you can play with boxes and cats. Add the catnip in the box, cut a hole in the larger boxes for them to hide in, toss a paper wad or Ping Pong ball inside it for them to bat around, slide the box across the floor for them to run and jump in, drag your ribbon across the box. The ideas are endless with boxes!

I think the really important thing to keep in mind with your cat is that they love to be interacted with just like dogs; it’s all a matter of how it’s done and your efforts at finding what game/toy your cat specifically loves. Therein lies the secret to bonding with your cat!

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