What Is The Premium In Pet Sitting Service?

What Is The Premium In Pet Sitting Service?

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We all love our pets. We all want the best for them. So what is the best in pet sitting anyway? Well we think it’s a new premium service we’re now offering – Live-in pet sitting!

What does a live in pet sitter do? Your live-in pet sitter will come to your home and, well, live there, with your fur-babies. We come to your home, bring our own food and stay with your pets for 19 hours a day.   This is a premium service for many reasons. First of all, your pets’ daily routine will be followed just as if you were there. No changes in their feeding schedule, your pet’s walk time and favorite activities will still happen, and we will sleep with your pets if that’s what they’re used to. It’s a seamless experience for your pets and about as stress free as you can get for your furry family members.

Why would you want to hire a live-in pet sitter? Does your pet have separation anxiety? Do you have a high energy dog that needs a lot of attention and interaction? Is your pet used to you being home all day long? Do you have a large furry family that requires a lot of care? Do you have a new puppy or kitten that require more care? These are all good reasons to consider a pet sitting company that offers live-in service!

Additional benefits of using live in pet sitting:  Nothing says break in to my home like accumulating flyers, business cards, and newspapers. Your live in pet sitter will remove all these things from your property and of course be at the house living there to prevent break ins. This is especially important around holidays which are the prime time thieves try to break in. If you run a business from home and are used to receiving packages and correspondence on a regular basis, we will be there to intercept these important items for you.

Of course we believe the most important benefit of using a live in pet sitter in Gilbert or Mesa, is the peace of mind you receive in knowing your pets are cared for in exactly the way they are used to; which means a stress free vacation for you!

So if you’re looking for a pet sitter who will come to live in your home while you’re away, and will pamper and care for your pets just the way you would, give us a call for a consultation today.

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