Help Your Pet Have A Happy 4th of July

Help Your Pet Have A Happy 4th of July

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Many of our pet sitting clients travel during this holiday, so your Gilbert pet sitter is busy spending time with your pets. Unfortunately while we’re enjoying our cookouts and parties, many pets get very scared during this time.

The fireworks and noise are often too much for many of them. How can you help your pet during this time? There are several ways we recommend keeping your pet happy and safe.

First, if you know you will not be home, have your pet sitter turn on some music for them that night while you’re away. The music provides a welcome distraction and covers the loud noises/booms of fireworks. You can also use Pet Rescue Remedy in their water or put a few drops in a pet pill pocket or other treat. This is a calming and anti-anxiety supplement for pets to soothe frazzled nerves. I’ve used it with my pets and feel it works well.

You can also use lavender oil as a calming agent. My sister uses it on her dogs who don’t care for thunderstorms and it works like a charm. Place a small drop on their snout near their nose, but not close to the eyes; it may sting some dogs’ eyes. In many cases, my sister’s pets fall asleep after she uses lavender with them.

You can also give your Gilbert pet sitter a new toy or chew treat to share with your dog to occupy and distract them.

Have a really nervous Nellie? The Thundershirt is a brilliant idea for particularly anxious dogs helping 80% of dogs who use it.

I also want to point out that dogs should not be left outside during this holiday. Many dogs become so anxious and fearful with the noise that they dig themselves out of the yard to try to escape the noise. That may mean temporarily closing off dog doors for one night! More pets, both dogs and cats, are lost on this day of the year than any other due to their fear. Be sure if your pet has a collar that their information is up to date and they can find their way back if something happens.

Let’s keep your pets safe, anxiety free and happy this Fourth of July!

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