What Makes This Tempe Pet Sitting Company the Best?

What Makes This Tempe Pet Sitting Company the Best?

best pet sitter trophy Critter Caretakers Pet Services What Makes This Tempe Pet Sitting Company the Best?

Our love for animals

First off and most importantly, the staff at Critter Caretakers LOVE animals!  It is impossible to be a great petsitter without an unbridled passion for the furkids.  We have veterinary technicians, emergency animal medical technicians, animal rescuers, and more working with your kiddos.  Most of us are pet parents to a number of animals and have enjoyed this type of work since childhood.  Speaking for myself, I remember petsitting a huge boa constrictor when I was in high school!  We love animals so much that when we go about our personal lives and visit friends or family, we sometimes spend more time with their pets than we’d like to admit! This is primarily what makes us such a great group of pet sitters for the critters in Tempe.

Attention to Detail

Not only does our love for animals help us serve our furry clients, but our attention to detail gives you confidence that your pets are getting the best care available.  Our daily text messages, picture messages, and written notes outline what we did with your pet while you were away.  Personally, I have 800+ pictures of animals on my cell phone, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  We notice when something seems unusual or amiss and communicate it to our clients.  We’ve walked into houses where doors were left unlocked or even open, A/C units had broken, an animal was limping, or we noticed scratches or bumps on a pet among other things.  We want our clients to be in the loop if anything seems strange but we also love to communicate funny or silly things your pet has done in your absence.

High accountability and integrity

Lastly, we have a high level of accountability and integrity in our business practices.  We recently initiated use of a software system that helps us track all our clients, their pets, invoicing, and billing.  While we are still learning the new system, this has streamlined our process significantly.  We can easily view the information on clients and their furkids electronically, check off each completed visit, review recent communications, log payments, and more.  If any visit needs to be covered by a different Tempe pet sitter, we have access to the information needed.  We check in with our office at each visit as we arrive and mark it complete as we finish.  You will likely find our arrival and departure times even written on the notes we leave for you to read once you return home.  Each sitter has a strong work ethic and often we stay late to cuddle a pet, clean up a litterbox, throw a ball, or more.

With all these amazing things about Critter Caretakers Pet Sitting in Tempe, why would you want to use anyone else?

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