What Kind of Leash Should I Use for My Dog?

What Kind of Leash Should I Use for My Dog?

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Whenever we take our dogs somewhere, it is always advised to put on a leash. This is for their safety and protection; it provides your dog sitters in Chandler a way to maneuver, lead and, well, walk your dog.

Obviously different dogs have different needs and based on your individual dog you’ll need to decide which is best for you.

First, there is the standard leash and collar combo where your dog’s leash is clipped to its collar – many dogs have this first kind of leash as an option. The leash itself can be made of nylon or leather. Leather does withstand biting and chewing, but can be a little more costly. A nylon leash may not stand up to chewing or last as long. These leashes come in many different lengths, widths and colors, and provide many different options to dog lovers.

Second, there are retractable leashes. This type of leash attaches to the collar as well, and with the push of a button allows the dog to walk further ahead than they normally would on a nylon leash. These can present some challenges though. If you have a dog in need of training, this doesn’t allow for a lot of control of the dog. I personally feel it presents some possible safety issues to dogs running ahead and/or into traffic. Additionally, if you need to open or retract the leash quickly, there is the potential for the leash holder cutting their hands. Most importantly, these leashes can cause severe injuries to both humans AND dogs. See the photos in this link: Walkers can wind up with deeply lacerated  hands and legs in a matter of seconds with retractable leashes! In fact, one  manufacturer has an entire page on the possibility of injury to users.

Finally, there are gentle leaders. A gentle leader is a sort of collar/leash combo that slips over the muzzle of the dog. This is good for a dog who requires a little more control and/or has issues with pulling when they walk. The nylon straps are fitted over the muzzle of the dog and the leash is attached to the straps. The dog is still able to open its mouth, drink, and pant. It is a very humane way to encourage your dog to walk with you versus pulling you. Often times people who struggle with their dog pulling for a long time see nearly immediate results after using a gentle leader.  Here is a good example of a gentle leader:  http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2751021

Remember to choose the leash option for your dog that will provide you with the most control over your dog for their safety and match their obedience ability.  Your Chandler dog sitter appreciates being able to care for your dogs in the best way possible and correct leash choice by dog owners is a step in the right direction.

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