Would you want your pet sitter lying down on the job?

Would you want your pet sitter lying down on the job?

dogs sleeping beds Critter Caretakers Pet Services Would you want your pet sitter lying down on the job?

As a Gilbert pet sitter we get to do all kinds of pet care visits – dog walking, daily visits and overnights. Overnights? As in sleep at the person’s house with their pets? Absolutely!

Why would someone want an overnight pet sitter? All they are doing is sleeping, right?  Hardly! Our overnight pet sitting runs from 8PM – 7AM. When we arrive in the evening, the first thing we do is provide a potty break while passing out hellos and pets. And we make sure everyone gets some one-on-one attention. Then it’s dinner time (yeah!). After that it’s another trip outside before we spend some time playing with everyone. If your pet doesn’t feel like playing, (probably not likely since they’ve been alone for awhile) then we’ll sit on the couch and provide all the love, chin and belly scratches they can stand. Maybe they want to be brushed; we can do that too. If your dog needs a walk, we’ll make sure they get that too. We might sit on the couch and read a book and let them snuggle with us if they want, or we might turn on Animal Planet and hang out watching TV together. However we spend the evening, your pets will feel safe, secure and well loved.

When it’s time to retire for the night, if your pets are used to sleeping with you, well guess what, THIS is what your bed will look like too! (With client permission of course!)  This is a typical candid shot of what it looks like when we stay over at a client’s house. How many happy, content dogs do you see? Three…four? Look again! There are five, yes, FIVE happy, loved, pets that slept over night in the bed with me! It was quite cozy. 🙂

IMG_20130119_232735 (1)

In the morning it’s breakfast and any medicine or supplements, and a walk if they need one. Treats are passed out with a final helping of love and we’re gone for the day. We might come back if you need a mid-day visit, or we might just see them again later for dinner. Whatever schedule you choose, we’re providing a consistent, stress free environment for your pets to be in while you’re gone. They’re having their OWN vacation! A client remarked to me after she’d gotten back from vacation that she couldn’t believe how calm their 9 month old German Shepherd dog was when they came home. She expected him to be much more riled up. I replied that’s a sign of a well-cared for, content dog!

If that isn’t enough, we take your trash to the curb for you, bring in your mail and packages, and provide the extra peace of mind that we are their for the protection of your home as well. Are our overnight pet sitter rates expensive? Well, you simply can’t put a price on peace of mind! We feel for the value we provide to our clients’ home and pets, our pet sitting rates are very feasible.

So *would* you want your pet sitter lying down on the job? Well, perhaps you would after all! When you’re looking for someone who will do overnight pet sitting in Gilbert, rest assured we’re your best choice for pet sitting!

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