How Do I Know if My Tempe Pet Sitter is at Their Visits?

How Do I Know if My Tempe Pet Sitter is at Their Visits?

Randi Profile 2 e1564725545422 Critter Caretakers Pet Services How Do I Know if My Tempe Pet Sitter is at Their Visits?

Occasionally we have clients that like to double check that their sitter is completing their visits as requested and scheduled.  Fortunately, your accountable and reliable  pet sitter in Tempe is background checked, bonded, insured, and work with integrity.  We also have systems in place to ensure visits are being made properly and accurately.

For example, we use a smartphone application called Life360 to check in at each visit when we arrive so there is a time stamp and a GPS location documented.  This sends a check-in notification and location to all other sitters and our office.  This Tempe pet sitting company also uses a web-based software system called Leashtime which we utilize to mark our visits complete.  This has the ability to locate sitters on GPS as well.

We also like these technological aids for safety reasons: There are no predicting emergencies!  So in case of a car accident, illness, or injury, the office knows about it and we have backups able to cover a visit as needed.  Your Tempe pet sitter also leaves notes for their clients often stating what time they arrived at the visit and what time they locked up each and every sit which can be coincided with the GPS feature in Leashtime.  Lastly, we have home monitors that randomly check visit notes and homes for accuracy with dates and times, completeness in petsitter notes, and proper cleaning/feeding/caretaking.  We want our clients to feel totally comfortable and confident that we are doing everything to take the very best care of their furry and feathered children!

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