Gilbert Pet Sitters Now Offer Online Scheduling

Gilbert Pet Sitters Now Offer Online Scheduling

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As our company has grown, we found ourselves needing a way to keep our clients organized. So after searching for a pet sitting software system, we settled on LeashTime for pet sitters. 

What is so great about an online software system? Oh my gosh…lots of things! It offers many advantages to our Gilbert dog sitting clients.

  1. All your information is securely stored in our system and password protected. Important and private information such as gate community codes, your credit card information, your alarm codes…all of it securely protected and only the sitter who is working for you can see it.
  2. Our sitters are emailed their schedules weekly. Additionally, the office monitors that each visit is marked completed in the system to assure all visits are done so there is no chance for any missed visits slipping through the cracks.
  3. If we need to have a different sitter step in and cover one of your visits due to emergency or illness, all your pet care information is stored and available already in the system which provides you and your beloved furry family seamless care.
  4. It provides exceptionally easy access for our clients to request services when *you* need to do it, not just during business hours. We know how busy our clients are so all you need to do is log in to the secure system and set up whatever schedule you need. We email you back to let you know that we can take care of it and then send you an invoice. Easy and simple.
  5. Finally you can log in to your account at any time to see your account balance, if you have already requested services and to update information on your pets or home at any time.

Our pet sitter software, LeashTime, helps us stay organized and on top of all your pet care needs. So if you need a pet sitter in Gilbert, you may want to choose a company that offers this convenience. In fact, you *may* want to choose US! 🙂

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